Friday, February 12, 2016

12 TAGS OF 2016

Hello Everyone!
Last year I started playing along with Tim Holtz's 12 Tags challenges and I loved them. Then life got in the way and I got busy and stopped playing.  I decided I wanted to go back to the beginning and do them all the techniques are great and I learned so much from the ones I did do. 
That was my resolution for this year. Well we are in February and I have just completed this months one and I am busy with the January one. I am still planning to do them all so we will see how I go.
You can find all the details of this challenge HERE and this is his tag for February.

This year he is re-visiting previous years techniques and combining two together per tag.

Here is my take on the challenge.

I did the tag with the stenciling on the background and then the metallic paste through another stencil - the hearts... Mine wasn't so shiny as I had to mix metallic paint with paste so I decided to add some gold glitter to a couple of the hearts. I used a second stencil with red distress paint and not ink as I wanted the red to be brighter. 

As I didn't have the old photo ephemera so I chose to use a pic of our wedding 39 years ago and printed the photo out in sepia. I tried his colouring on the photo to make it look even older but it looked awful, too bright and fake looking for me so I re-printed the photo and just left it sepia.

I hand cut the heart and wings onto grunge board and then put them through my cuttlebug and then painted them using the same metallic gold and red as I used on the stencil and because I just love bling I added red distress glitter to the heart. Lastly I added some rub-ons as I didn't have the same word pieces as he did and I added a clock arm with red cotton and a little heart, a bling on the clock arm and lastly a rose.

The ribbon was coloured using Candied Apple distress stain. Because I am giving this to my hubby for Valentines day I mounted the tag onto a card.

I had such fun creating this tag and turning it into a card.

I also have my art journal page for Colour me Positive.

This week the prompt is...

Here is my take on it.

I gessoed the page first and added so watercolour in blue and yellow and rust. Then added some Tim Holtz tissue paper in random places. I did some stenciling and on the butterflies I added some sparkle just because I could. Added more watercolours and then the quote which I love.

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Friday, January 29, 2016


Hello Everyone!
It has been a really really long time since my last blog post. TWO months in fact and a lot has happened in that time.
Apart from the fact that all of our families birthdays bar one or two are from the end of November to the end of January it is a pretty hectic couple of months in that respect. Throw in an anniversary, Christmas and New Year too so by the time it got to my birthday - a BIG one - I was all entertained out so no bash for me. Low key and fabulous.
I also have my nephew from Ireland living with me for six months. He has come here to get work experience before going back to university in September. He is working for my hubby :D
We have our delightful twins who have just turned 2 and I have a third grandbaby on the way. She is due in June sooo all in all things are pretty hectic here in the Thorpe household. Never a dull moment.
I am going away again this year - My birthday present - I am going to Netherlands, Amsterdam and Germany, Cologne to see Adele in concert and I am so excited about that.
In the midst of all this chaos I have had little time to create and even less mojo. I like to spring clean at the beginning of a new year and I did it this year but included a de-clutter and clean and tidy in my studio. It took me a whole week to do but I am more than happy with the results. I even colour coded all of my inks, stamps and paints for easy access and GUESS WHAT? I found my mojo. 

I know right? You also think this is pretty cool, not to mention a little OCD :D
I decided though this year I need to do stuff that makes me happy not stuff that I have to do and that is what I am doing. I joined the Colour me Positive group on Facebook. They run a weekly art journalling challenge and I am just loving it. Here are my first three pages that I created.
Week One - Gratitude

Week Two - Brave

I missed week 3.

Week Four - Believe in Yourself

I am really enjoying playing and finding out what make me happy.
I have also been making a lot of cards. I can try out new techniques with them and I am loving it.
I also signed up at My Craftsy to do a couple of their classes just to help me find my mojo and I did a couple of cards from their tutorials. Just love that site - some amazing stuff.

Clean and simple - just my style.

Then I got brave and started playing with water colour (using my Distress stuff) - I just love this.

Then I thought why stop there so I played with some digital stamps and water colour. :D I made these two cards for the twins for their 2nd birthday.

I am not sure I really love the cutesy stuff but I reckon for kids it is great.

Then I found this awesome tutorial on you-tube by Shari Caroll who is one of my favourite artists, and so I made two cards that I need for birthdays to include vouchers. These are pretty dam cool.

Now these two cards are the same just one for a him and one for a her :D - check out the inside.

So... the card has a little accordion fold in it which allows you to attach this little acetate folder (which has been stamped with white stazon) and then you can slip in tags and also the gift card. Neat or what? I thought it was very cool.

So I haven't been completely unproductive. I am also in the process of making 20 valentines day cards for my daughter, who is doing a fund raiser at the school where she teaches for valentines day AND I am also in the middle of making her a mini project life album documenting her pregnancy :D Watch out for that post.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and thank you so much for the comments that you leave, I really appreciate them.

Till next time - Happy Creating!


Saturday, November 28, 2015


Hello Everyone!

Time for a new case file over at CSI and this weeks one is very challenging - so time to pick up your forensic kits and let's get sleuthing.

Here is the case file.

All you have to do is follow the clues and crack the case.

I used this sketch from Becky Fleck over at Pagemaps.

AND... here is my take on the challenge.

This is how I solved the case.

Scheme - I have used all of the colours.
Evidence - I really struggled with this one this week but I got -
Stripes, metal, grid design and the little ones in the pics are my people icons ;)
Testimony - Document a hobby, pastime or diversion.

The quote on the front says -
My life isn't perfect but it does have perfect moments.

My journalling is inside the little file with the photo popping out and it says -
Photography is my hobby, pastime and diversion and I am obsessed with photos of you two. How lucky am I to get to spend so much time with you. I think that already I have more photos than I could hope to scrap in two lifetimes and yet I am compelled to keep snapping away. Clean ones, dirty ones, clothed ones and naked ones, awake ones and asleep ones and still it is not enough. I get so much joy in watching you explore your ever expanding world. The delight you get in seeing and trying new things. How excited you get when you see me and how much you are teaching me. Life is too short to worry about what others think and way to short to keep clean. 
How to eat an ice cream for instance.
Take all of your clothes off, find someones lap to sit on.  Take the biggest and chocolatiest one you can find and eat it with your whole body, savouring each mouthful. Once you are done and you are covered with the sweetest mess you can worry about getting all clean again. You can also laugh at the person whose lap you are sitting on when they discover that they too are covered in chocolatey goo :)
Thank you both for making me see the world through less tired and jaded eyes.
I love you both to the moon and back.

Here are some close ups.

I pretty much followed the sketch because I loved the design. I did add the doilies after.

The quote and little butterflies are rub ons and the October and ice cream is a Heidi Swapp stamp.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate it.

Till next time - Happy Scrapping!



Monday, November 16, 2015


Hello Everyone!
I am so late this week but I finally have my layout for the new case file over at CSI. I really love the spring colours of this one. I hope that if you haven't already played along that you will give these challenges a go. They really are a lot of fun and they do just that - Challenge you.
SO... pick up your forensic kits and let's get sleuthing.
Here is this weeks challenge.
See, aren't the colours so pretty.
I used this sketch from Page Maps to kick start my mojo.

I loved this design so I pretty much stuck to it. Now I am not really comfortable with mixed media layouts. I am more a CAS kind of a gal where the photos and the journalling are most important so I have decided not to go with the trends but to stick with what makes me most comfortable. So here is my layout another clean and simple one.

This is how I solved the case.
Scheme - 
The colours are all there 
(I used the darker green from the photo)
Evidence - 
Polka dots
White background
Wet medium
(The distress ink splats and watercoloured stars)
Testimony -
I really screwed up on this one because I totally forgot about this part of the challenge. I have so much on my plate at the moment, but I made a plan.
The quote on the front says.
Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom.
They just open and turn towards the sun.
Jim Carrey
My journalling is on the back side of the layout and I have done it in the form of a recipe.

Choose a well established looking plant in the colour of your choice.
Limestone if your soil is acidic.
Compost and fertilizer.
Sturdy trellis or an archway for it to grow up.

Clematis needs space to grow - it can grow up to 10 or 20 feet. It likes a sunny spot with good drainage that is slightly alkaline.
Make sure that you dig the hole bigger than the container that the plant is in. Compost and fertilise the hole well and be very careful when planting it as the roots and stems can easily be damaged.
Water weekly for the first season to help get the plant established. If it makes it through the first year chances are good that it will continue to thrive.
Clematis are happiest with cool shade at their roots and warm sun on their foliage. Mulching around the roots will help keep the soil cool, as will the foliage of a low-growing perennial.
Most Clematis are born to climb and they use the growing end to find something to grab hold of so make sure that the trellis or arch is not to thick. The more grabbing opportunities you provide the better
Clematis will need some pruning but they vary so leave last year’s vine until mid-spring so you can see if the flowers are growing on new stems or the old ones.
A  beautiful Clematis is something to behold. I found this one in Spa – Belgium at a little restaurant we went to for a late afternoon lunch and it was really the most beautiful one I have ever seen. This was the first time I had ever seen one for real and I was blown away. After reading how to grow it I think I will give it a miss. I don’t have very green fingers and I am likely to kill it. I will just admire them from afar.

Here are some close-ups.

I did some doodling around the papers that I used and also stenciled some stars around that I painted with the pink distress stain. The stars were cut using a Tim Holtz die cut which is one of my faves. Also some fake stitching because I am not much in sewing. The tickets are stamps.

I used a distressed looking line stamp on the white cardstock to do my quote onto and the title was painted with distress paints in two colours to get the same shade as the flower.
I HAVE been playing with some mixed media and saw this card done by Shari Caroll on the My Craftsy site so I decided to give it a try. I really like mixed media on cards especially ones like this. See no buckling - who knows I may get to love it. 
I think I like it here because the papers didn't buckle, man I hate that :D
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Till next time - Happy Scrapping.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Hello Everyone!

Today is the reveal for the new Design Team over at CSI I am happy to announce that I am returning to this wonderful team and community and I am so grateful to Debbi Tehrani for this opportunity. If you haven't played along before I suggest you check it out. As this is a major case file it will be open for the entire month of November and includes a stunning sketch by Em Stafrace over at Nifty Pixel

Here is the sketch

This is my take on the case file.

This is how I solved the case. I kind of adhered to the sketch ... sort of.

Colours - They are all there
Evidence - Kraft background
        Thin stripes
Testimony - Document a trip

My journalling (on the back of the layout) says:

I have not always loved to fly. My first two times were extremely traumatic for me and I was in no hurry to board a plane any time soon. 

I was eight years old the first time I was put on a plane with two of my three younger brothers and sent to another country to go and live with an aunt. My mother was pregnant with my younger brother and was not able to fly for another three months after us. I am sure there were very valid reasons why we could not all go together but none of them would have made sense to an eight year old. I felt abandoned and so afraid, nothing was familiar.
 The next time I flew again I was twenty-five, I had gotten a call from my dad to say that my mother was in a coma and that the doctors expected the worst. I had no choice I had to fly to see her before it was too late. I still remember that flight like it was yesterday. Simon was not able to come with me so I had to go alone, I had no idea my mother was so sick, nothing had been said and I was beside myself. I remember getting to the airport to the check in counter and NO TICKET. I had left it at home. Luckily we lived close to the airport and Simon went home and collected the ticket for me and I was checked in. I went into the departure lounge and sat in a chair scared and sobbing. A very flambouyant lady - middle aged - came and sat next to me and started talking to me trying to calm me down. All the while she spoke she stroked my arms, hands and back and she calmed me down.
My flight was called and I gathered my things and went to the boarding queue - she waived and drifted off into the crowd. It was only once I was on the plane that I noticed that ALL of my jewellery had been removed - my rings, bracelets and necklace. 
She took advantage of my situation and stripped me and I never knew a thing until it was too late.
That trip just went from bad to worse. I did however get to see my mother, she did come out of the coma but she did pass away.

The next time I ventured onto a plane I was forty-five and Simon had successfully conducted a management buyout for the company he worked at and took us all to Mauritius to celebrate. Since that time I have flown almost every year and I have never looked back. If I blocked myself to flying on those first two experiences I would have missed out on a whole wide world out there.

Here are some close ups.

I painted and embossed the title, gears and little arrow with black distress paint and embossing powder, after it was all embossed I swiped the edges with gold. The angel wings were painted with distress paint and topped with a layer of crackle paint. Once it was dry I  inked with dark brown ink to accentuate the cracks.

The stamped sentiment says give me wings and I will fly. It got a bit hidden but I am ok with that.

I did faux stitching around all of the papers and flicked some brick distress stain.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to leave me a message. I really appreciate it.

Till next time - Happy Scrapping!


Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hello Everyone!
I has been six months and ten days since my last post :/ It has been a chaotic couple of years I tell you. 
We are back from the most amazing three month European holiday - I have just had all my thousands of photos recovered and I am now sorting through them all and hope to be scrapping them all soon. I have not had time to do anything creative since before the wedding in May and I am not even sure I know how anymore.
I though maybe I would enter a couple of challenges to ease back into it and I have a couple of other projects to show you too. So kick back, have a cup of coffee and spend a little time with me.
The first project is for Let's Scrap Sketches and it is a card I made for World Cardmaking day.
The inspiration for this challenge was a colour board rather than a sketch, and I love these colours. 

Here is the card I created for it.

I used stuff from my stash and the butterfly is from some Tim Holtz tissue paper. I fussy cut it, glued it down and then painted it. The flowers are Prima and Petaloo, and the colours were perfect. The doily was white and I inked it with TH distress inks and a sponge tool.

The second one I created is for Feeling Sketchy and is also for World Cardmaking Day.

Again we have a colour board rather than a sketch.

Here is my take on the mood board.

I just got the Tim Holtz bird stamp set and I just love it, and of course I just had to use it. The card was made with watercolour paper and distress inks. The leaves were some I had in my stash and the colours were perfect. I stamped the bird on watercolour paper, painted it and then fussy cut it and adhered it to the card with foam take. The sentiment was then stamped on. 

Before I went over seas I managed to squeeze in one last tag for the 12 Tags of 2015.
Here was his take and tutorial on the tags.

Here is my version of it.

I love these tags and I am going to try and catch up once things get back on track.

I also did a layout for my daughters engagement before I left. I just love these papers and I love the vintage feel of it which was perfect with the photos from her engagement shoot.

And, then finally I want to show you the layout I created and taught at the Charity Scrap Event down in Cape Town in June.

I used beautiful Maja Design papers for this and the photos are also from Storm and Lloyds engagement shoot. I had a strict budget for this layout so I used straws for the stems of the flowers which are just circles punched and layered up. The side bits are flaps that open up to reveal journalling and more photos. This is also for Storm and I will allow her to add her own journalling for this one.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look and thank you for taking the time to leave a message. It really means a lot.

Till next time - Happy Scrapping!