Thursday, 27 January 2011


Today was the last official TT at Scrapbook Emporium. The shop is to be closed at the end of the month unless Tiffany can pull a rabbit out of the hat and sell it. We may have to find somewhere else to scrap which is not been easy. TT has been going for six years now and was started in Kyalami when Des, Cher and I started scrapping there. In 2006 we moved to Scrapbook Emporium which is closer to home for all of us.... Ilse joined us some time after that and then in 2009, at the Scrapbook Convention, Shan - who is the youngest member - was invited to join our very small and very select little group (not only because she is such an awesome person, but because she halved our average age :-)). Although the shop closing wont stop us scrapping on a Thursday it is the end of an era.

Looking forward to what the future throws at us....

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