Monday, 31 January 2011


Can you believe that it is already the last day of January! Yikes!
Look what I spent this morning doing ...

Shopping for bed linen and new throws and cushions and bits and pieces. I felt like a change this year... we moved into our house five years ago today :-) and I thought I needed a change, so I moved stuff around in all the rooms and I think I am happy, all of the wood is dark in our home and I have gone with cream curtains upstairs and so my linen is all cream except in my room I added this kind of beige colour duvet... the I got some divine little bowls from my TT girls for my birthday that I really wanted to used in my bedroom so I decided to with Brown, beige, cream and turquoise in my bedroom and it looks fabulous.


I may give you sneak peaks into the other rooms as I finish moving stuff around.

I don't have anything crafty for you today but probably tomorrow. I started working on something last night for our place in Uvongo, I need something to go between the book shelves above the TV.

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