Saturday, 12 February 2011


I have been busy with some cards - so I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you.

The first one is this baby card that I did in pink for a girl. This stamp is one of my favourites - considering that it is a cutesy stamp and I don't do cutesy. So I stamped the image on pale pink card stock and then painted the image with water colours. I mounted it onto the pink dot paper with ribbon attached at the bottom. I then printed another image of the stamp onto shrink plastic, coloured it and cut it out... I then heated it with my heat gun and ended up with a cool embellishment of my stamp.

This is one of my favourite stamps and on one of our girls weekends away I stamped a whole lot of images to be used at a later date. This is the finished product. The image was painted with water colour paints and then the vases were diamond glazed to replicate water.

I made this stamp from the left overs from an ATC I did with the RSA group. and I love it. Both the music and the saying are favourites of mine.

When ever I scrap a page I always try and make a card with the left overs and this was one of them and then I stamped the You're Special on it. This way I can always find a card to use for whatever occasion.

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