Monday, 21 February 2011


Monday Monday so good to me......  and Leaving on a Jet Plane have been playing over and over in my head since I woke up this morning....

I am so excited now to be going away with the girls. Eight girls going to Mabula for a week of crafting. Going to be a whole lot of fun, and when I get back I will have the photos to prove it.

I always find going away so stressful, what do I pack to wear? Will it be hot or cold? Will I need something fancy? What am I going to do while I am away? Am I going to read? am I going to scrap? OMG what am I going to scrap? Maybe I should stamp. What stamps will I need? What if I want to colour in the images? Paints or inks. By now I am sitting in my chair playing on my computer because it is easier than trying to think of what I need to pack. Do you know how much STUFF eight girls can cart on our weeks away.... lots! The easiest decision for me is what will I drink? Yes!

But now I am packed and excited to go. So I will be back with more posts and some photos on Friday. Have a fabulous week all of you and I will leave you with one photo of just my stuff waiting to go ;-)


  1. Time for Simon to get you an nice matching luggage and crophopper set! Enjoy, enjoy - Helen

  2. Have a wonderful time! Looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing all about it ♥