Monday, 28 February 2011


Wednesday was a fabulous day, we all piled into the combi and headed to Zebula to go and play with the cubs. We started with the Tigers, which were amazing as they are not indigenous to Africa. They are so beautiful and playful and very strong.

I had no idea they had such big paws. At the moment they are about four months old. They will be kept at Zebula until they are about seven months and then they will be sent back to Pakistan to the breeding programme.

On the way to the cubs we went past the meerkats. I love these little guys so inquisitive.

And the crocodile enclosure. They also have a reptile area but as I don't do snakes I passed on that one. 

The Lion cubs were also very cute and not very playful. They just wanted to sleep and I can't say that I blame them, it was very hot.

Then we went to the Cheetahs... they were also amazing and purred just like cats. They were big too, Tarzan and Jane :-)

All of that was very thirsty work so we headed to the veranda for a well deserved drink or two, before heading back home, tired and very happy.

More tomorrow.

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