Wednesday, 2 March 2011


DAY TWENTY-FIVE : A picture of my day

Today has been one of those days... started of kind of cool with me having breakfast with my hubby and brother at Mugg and Bean, he is here on business for two days. Then I had to run some errands for a friend, which was totally worth it because I got some cool baskets for my studio. Then the kids, who are coming for dinner tonight, decided they didn't want healthy food they want steak, egg and chips. So it was off to the shops to get groceries for dinner. Home again and I started to tackle my studio, hence the mess. Got a sick dog so I have to keep an eye on her... she has been like this before and the vet couldn't find anything wrong. so I will post another photo when all this junk is back in it's place in pretty baskets.

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