Saturday, 12 March 2011


I love birds, and anything bird related, like bird cages and bird houses and feeders. I collect bird houses and some lovely ones in my garden. I also have three bird feeders - one right outside my studio so that there are always birds there.I love to take pictures of them, I love to watch them and most of all I love to listen to them.

Outside our house we have an enormous fever tree and the birds build their nests in there and they start with their chirping as soon as it starts to get light in the mornings. It used to drive my daughter nuts because it was right outside her bedroom.

This morning as I was walking through the house to my studio I spotted three dogs and a cat sitting at the double doors that lead off from my dining room into a tiny courtyard. They weren't moving and were just staring out the window, curious as to what was going on I walked over to see what had them so fixated, and spotted this tiny little bird sitting on the paving stones outside - clearly it is a baby and I think that maybe it got tired flying and just stopped to rest. Lucky for the bird the doors and the windows were closed and the other side of the enclosure is a ten foot wall so it is totally protected, no ways that any of them could get to it. Hansa, my beautiful boy was positively salivating at the possibility of a snack.

Being a scrapper and an obsessive picture taker I ran for my camera and took this through the glass.

He is really cute. I thought I would try and get some more pictures of him and so I put the dogs and the cat into my studio and shut the windows and doors ;-)  I think I gave him a fright when I opened the window to get clearer shots of him and he hopped behind one of the flower pots and that put an end to that.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday whatever you are up to. It will be sport just for a change in our house.


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