Monday, 14 March 2011


Oh how I love the rain. We had such a lovely storm last night. Clearly my new rain dance did the trick. It has been so hot here over the last few months so it is so nice that it has cooled down a bit.
I haven't done any scrapping since we got back from the coast... I have been learning to crochet and am making a granny blanket for a friend. I found how too's on youtube and now I am hooked, much to my husbands horror. He thinks I look like a granny :-) Will put up a sneak peak when I have really started to assemble it.

I thought I would put up some pictures of some of my other crafty endeavours.... I did ceramics for years and even had my own kiln but I had to sell it when we moved into this house. Here are a sample of some of the things that I made.

I made a set of fat lady plates which hang on the walls in my kitchen. I thought I would act as a deterrent when I went to raid the fridge, but I was wrong, I do love them though.

I made a set of two big vases that are different styles but painted the same way. I do love the water colour look of them.

I made myself a pasta set  consisting of eight pasta bowls, a garlic bread plate, pizza plate and salad bowl which is one of my favourite sets.

My very first foray in to the world of crafts was pottery lessons. I soon learned that I was useless on the wheel and my first two attempts at bowls ended up as pigs which I love. But I did like slab work and hand work. I made this square vase and it is still one of my favourite things. Unfortunately this is all I have left to show for my time as a potter. I gave the rest away as gifts to friends and family. I do wish that I had had a digital camera back then so I could have taken photos of all the things I made.

I was forever hooked on crafts. I will post some of my creations each day. :D

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