Friday, 25 March 2011


These are some 'off the page' scrapped things I have made. The first one is a 12 x 12 canvas that us girls made on one of our weekly trips away. We got the idea from Tim Holtz after his last visit here and thought it would be a cool project for us all to do together. So we covered the canvas with paper of our choice and then covered it with words. All the words are different fonts and sizes and even colours. It now hangs on the wall in my studio as a constant reminder to just have fun with my hobby.

I made this calendar in 2009 and I am ashamed to say that I have not made another one since. I thought it would help to co-ordinate our lives :-) I printed a 12 x 12 page for each month and it was blocked off for 31 days. All the pages were the same. All I had to do then was to put the month at the top and then the days of the week and add in the dates for the correct days. This was then hung next to the telephone so that if we needed to check dates the calendar would be right there.

And this last one hangs in my kitchen. It is a perspex 12 x 12 sheet that I scrapped from behind and I have added a whiteboard pen so that as we run out of stuff it gets written on the shopping list for the next time I shop. It then gets wiped off and we start again. This has been invaluable.

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you will be doing.

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