Thursday, 14 April 2011


Look what I got for my studio. I know that most of you have seen these before or received them from one of the conventions. I gave mine to my daughter who doesn't have much space to scrap (and it was the wrong colour for me). These ones were made for me by a very talented friend Susie McWilliams, they are made from denim on the outside and you can choose your colour for inside. So I chose baby blue to match my studio and I received them yesterday (Wednesday) at TT. I am so thrilled with them, she makes them and sells them.

I love the little blue butterfly on the sand bag. They are just so nice. Thank you so much Susie.


  1. Hi, if I knew you were looking for one, I would have shown you mine - I got about 20 that was left over stock from my shop in CT and all one has to do is fill up with sand. They are stunning - love them too!

  2. Oh wow... ok Bridgie... good to know.... will let you know if anyone asks for them.