Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Happy Freedom Day to all you amazing South Africans, I hope you have all had a wonderful day. I know I have... A very lazy day.

Because all of these holidays have thrown me badly I don't have any new pages for you but I do have some favourite pages that I would like to share with you.

This first one I did because I loved this picture of Simon - don't you think he looks like Grisham from CSI. I also never realised just how blue his eyes were before.

Two years ago Simon went to Amsterdam for the Cleaning Fair - the biggest there is, and he took me with him. I just loved Amsterdam - all of it. I loved these taxi with the horses. I think that is is probably one of my all time favourite pages. You know the ones that you get and you never tire of looking at them.

This was also inspired by Amsterdam. I loved all the bicycles and the fact that they had bicycle parkade's three stories high. I want to know how you find your bike again.

This last one was pictures from Ground Zero in NYC when we went there seven years ago. We spent about three hours at this little church that was right in the middle of all the mayhem and remained totally unscathed. Truly a miracle and I loved it. I don't think anything has ever gotten to me quite the way that place did. 

Another one of my all time favourite pages - from the layout that Tiffany Nadauld taught at the Scrapbook Ex a couple of years ago....

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