Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I love the night life in Phuket... It seems like this place never sleeps. Just around the corner from the hotel is a street called Bangla Street which gets closed off at 5pm and it comes alive at night with bars and shops and clubs and it carries on till all hours of the morning.

This is the street from Bangla street back to our hotel the sea is on the right had side of this road and all along the left had side are shops. At night the tuk tuks come out to take you where ever you want to go.

I took this one from the top end of the street looking down. I really love the vibe.

Some of the bars have girls dancing on the tables. This girl was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Not a very good picture because she never stopped moving. Such fun.

There are bars on both sides of the streets and some are really full and others are empty and they change all the time.

This last one was taken from the bottom of Bangla looking back up to the sea.

I will continue posting some of my favourite pictures over the next few day. 

I have to say that although I had a really nice holiday I am very happy to be home. I missed my animals and I missed the weather here. It was so unbelievably hot there and it is so nice to come back to the weather we are having here. I still think that here in Gauteng we have the best weather in the whole world.

I have also received all my goodies from the convention and although I am very sad that I missed it I loved coming home to the convention goody bag and the TT goody bag. I really love those girls they sure know how to show you a good time. Thanks to all of you for all the treats in our goody bags. I feel very spoiled. I am slowly getting back to normal and catching up on all the things that I had to do.

Thanks for stopping by.

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