Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Hello Tuesday (and it's not Tuesday it's Wednesday :)) and Happy Birthday to my son Clint who is 27 today. I hope you have an awesome day my boy. I can't believe that he is 27 already. I really don't know where time goes I just know that it goes by too fast and we really need to enjoy every minute of here and now.

I don' know if you all remember a while back the TT girls did a Be Yourself challenge - Well I got tired of waiting for their pages so today I am going to put up the ones that I did get... I hope that you enjoy looking a

This sign that was put up on facebook was the inspiration for the challenge.
The first is Cher's page...

Next is Jenine's page...

And, lastly is my page...

So Ilse, Des and Shan - you are being named and shamed :) I will put up their pages if I ever get them.

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