Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Well it is Tuesday already, and I din't post yesterday because we had no internet. I hate when that happens :( I hope that you all have a wonderful mother's day where ever you were and whatever you did. I want to share with you the gifts I got from my kids, and I love them so much for many reasons but most of all for their thoughtfulness.

I decided a while ago that I loved the Willow Tree Angels and that I wanted to collect them. So my kids added to my collection for mothers day. I got the' loving' angel which is this one below. She is holding a red rose in her hands.

And, this one which is named 'quietly' and depicts a mother with her two kids. So they got this one for me to represent our relationship and I love it. 

I haven't been doing very much that is crafty lately... I have been pinning and I love it. My boards are taking shape and I am getting loads of inspiration from them and I am sure that I will have something for you very soon.

Hope you all enjoy what is left of your day.

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