Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Hello Wednesday. I don't know about you but it has been so cold today, with raging winds and heavy rain throughout most of the night, in winter for goodness sake. We are not supposed to have howling winds and rain in June. Luckily for me I didn't have to go out today, I am still busy trying to restore all the things that I lost on my computer. Thank God for my external hard drive. I would have been a very unhappy bunny if I had lost all of that stuff too.

Anyhow, I do have something for you as promised. Another single page. I NEVER scrap single pages, I don't like to have them in an album. Weird ... I know, but I am working on it and I have to say I am loving doing them. They are so quick. This was scrap lifted from a layout that I saw ages ago and made a note to do, and now I can't find it and so I don't know whose the original was. I have just copied some elements from the original page, the general design and the top left hand corner - I love that piece. These are my favourite colours and I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Enjoy the rest of the day and keep warm if you are in the cold.....

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  1. Hi Val! Wow you aren't kidding it's seriously cold!!!! Loving the single pages, can't wait to see a few more :-)