Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Yesterday I spent the day with six friends at Beryl Carvalho's house learning to make wire trees. Yes wire trees. I really went just for the company, I didn't think I really wanted to make a wire tree, what was I going to do with a wire tree. Even when I saw the tree I wasn't blown away, but then we started to make the trees and I was fully into making this tree. We used copper wire that came in lightly twisted lengths, choose the lengths you want, about five - depending on the thickness of the tree and you then start to twist and unfold and twist and crimp until you tree is just the way you want it. I opted for a tree with a flat back so that I could mount it later.

And this is what my finished tree looked like. Pretty cool I think. Then when I got home I sprayed the tree with a matt black spray paint. I like the matt finish but you can use whatever you like and whatever colour you like.

So the finished tree looks like this. I have a plan and I love it when a plan comes together. So watch this space for the finished work of art.

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