Friday, 22 July 2011


I have some fabulous pages from our Thursday Therapy group. These two double pages are from Cher Eltringham who is one of the fastest and most prolific scrappers I have ever met. It amazes me how she rocks up for our scrap and chat, with photos and punches, ribbons, cats eyes and anything else she may want, gets the paper she wants and the page is finished at the end of the three hours. I love to watch her work, and since my mojo has definately left  I am delighted to have these pages of hers to show.

This one is of her son Rich who is a very good swimmer. I love that she packs her pages FULL of photos.

This pages is her 2010 Christmas page and includes a picture of every member of her family. Way to go Cher. I love your pages and thanks once again for coming to my rescue.

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