Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I don't know why I have so few photos from my childhood, but I do. Last week I sat and sorted them all out as best as I could, as I don't have anyone to ask about them anymore. I also really want to scrap them and this is going to force me to do single pages AND to have them in an album. I am already starting to hyperventilate, but maybe I will get over it.

While I was sorting them I found these two photos of me on my first day of school. I remembered the school uniform then I started to remember things about the school I went to. So I am going to scrap single pages because there really are not enough photos to do double pages.

It's blowing a gale outside and so for me it is a perfect day to scrap.


  1. Oh that little sweet face! It's EXACTLY the same today! And that satchel - oh dear - the bag monster in me is coming out - must have must have!
    It's a wonderful layout and the colour combo is just perfect. TFS!
    Helen -- Firenze Cards

  2. Awww fanks HD... I know I would also looooove that satchel now....:)