Saturday, 6 August 2011


I found this on Sophia's blog and thought it would be fun to copy and put my stuff in...

Today I went to Broadacres Spar to buy food for rugby braai at our house.
Today I hoped that I would make it through the bash without over-indulging.
Today I dreamed I was thin again.
Today I forgot to eat breakfast.
Today I heard my daughter invite me for coffee and catch up.
Today I read "Ideas" magazine.
Today I watched my puppy play.
Today I said "Please ask Dad to make "Lemon Curd".
Today I believed I was going to be fine.
Today I felt that I am truly blessed.
Today I wondered what my dogs were thinking.
Today I bought lilac roses for my desk.
Today I cleaned my work desk up.
Today I was me and I am ok with that.

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to, stay warm if it is cold and stay cool if it is hot.