Thursday, 4 August 2011


And puppy makes four. :D I love my yorkies and while we were away last week we saw some in the pet shop. We left with a strong resolve not to buckle. Three days later she was still there and we took her, and named her Karma. We met at the vet to get her chipped and vaccinated and to collect her papers and she was ours. She spent three days with us at the coast and then flew home with us yesterday. What a little cutie she is - so much spunk.

I took this one of her with my hand so you can see how small she still is. She is 12 weeks and weighs 1.5 kgs.

To say that my other three are a LITTLE put out is an understatement and she took over the house like she owned it and they are not sure how to handle her. We were totally ignored last night but today they seem to have come around a bit but I am still getting the cold shoulder. She, however, is totally unfazed by everything going on around her. We now have 4 dogs and one cat. :D You have to fill the empty nest with something. Hahaha

I am hoping that I get my mojo back real soon I am tired of not producing anything exciting.

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