Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I really love the new Washi tape and I have not seen it anywhere here and this is what happened when I tried different mediums on normal masking tape. First I cut strips of masking tape and put it on my teflon craft mat.

The top one I chalked with a pink. Although it has got a slight pink tinge to it it did not cover very well at all. I think that the chalk is just to powdery for this, unless of course you just want a very subtle colour. The second one down I painted with a peachy water colour, and although this one was also pretty light I think that the effect is quite nice and would change depending on what colour you used.  The third one down I painted with a green acrylic paint. This for me was the best coverage, and finally the last one I used one of the new Adirondak spray colours that I have. I think I sprayed this from too close and all I got was a very blotchy, unattractive mess, so I just used a paint brush to even it up. Next time I will try it from higher up and hopefully will get a fine spattering. All in all not bad results.

Next I transferred the tape to paper so it would show up better and then I stamped onto the tape. Well the top one I used a pale pink gel pen and ran two lines of fake stitching on either side. On the peachy one I stamped some hearts in a slighlty darker orangy colour. 

I stamped darker green cross stitches onto the green tape and then I used black leaves on the aubergine tape.

I am quite happy with the way they turned out and although you would have to play with patterns and colours I think they will look fabulous on a page.... I think I am feeling a bit of mojo coming back.

Happy Women's Day to all you fabulous women out there.

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