Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Thursday 12 th Jan 2012 was a fabulous day for me. Firstly I was born in 1956 and I turned 56 :D and secondly it was the first TT of the year. For those of you who don't know what TT is ... that is the name we gave our scrapping group. Thursday Therapy, and it is. It is not for sissies, we don't stroke ego's and we don't hold back... but for me it is the very best place to be on a Thursday and I really miss it over the December holidays.

This is me, the birthday girl, with the amazing card that Ilse made for me on behalf of all of them. I have to just say here that we do the VERY best birthdays for each other. :D

 So every Thursday we meet for breakfast at around 7.30 here at Doppio (sometimes we change). Then at around 9.00 we go to Scrap Therapy (the shop) and scrap till 12.

These are the girls... on the left at the back is Cher, in front of her is my daughter Storm who joined us for breakfast for my birthday. In front of her on the right is her friend Tammy who is also a school teacher. Hiding behind Tam is Desi and right at the back is Ilse.

Here is a closer picture of Desi and Ils. Cher Des and I have been scrapping for about 10 years - every Thursday and Ils joined us 6 years ago. :D I love these girls they are the best.

These are my fabulous presents - making them look too good to open :D

The staff at the restaurant brought this to me after breakfast and they all sang for me it was wonderful. They really know how to make a girl feel special.

I thought I would give you a close up of the card that Ilse made for me... in pale blue and brown - I think that this has to be one of my favourite stamps and I think I need to play with it. I love the brown glitter letters. 

Thank you girls for once again making my birthday so memorable and for spoiling me so much. You are the very best friends and I look forward to another year of scrapping together. <3 you guys :D


  1. Hope you have an amazing year!!
    Love, Benice

  2. Thank you Benice, I am hoping so. Looking forward to making time to try some new things this year.