Saturday, 11 February 2012


I said I was going to push myself to do some single pages. I hardly ever do them (well I do for the front and back page of an album, but that is it) I don't like the idea of opening an album and having mis-matched pages next to one another. Strange I know but heck that's the way I roll. So this year I am going to make an album of single pages. Yes I am :D

This page was a layout sketch from lets scrap and just a couple of days before while I was working at my computer and drinking my morning tea, Karma hopped up onto my lap and then up on the desk. I knew what she was up to and luckily my camera was close at hand. The little madam helped herself to my tea... and it was hot! When she turned to look at me as if to say what's all the fuss about and I saw all the tea around her mouth I knew I had to create a page for her. I just love this little dog and I don't mind sharing my tea with her but she has to wait until I am done :D

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are and what ever you are up to.

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  1. Think the double page thing is very South African, I also find myself struggling to do a single page. Even for my front and backs of my albums...good on you to do a whole album!