Friday, 16 March 2012


Hello Everyone,

It's Friday, and here it has been a very wet Friday, and I love the rain. Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day and I miss my family in Ireland lots and I can't wait till I see them again... So Happy St Paddy's Day to you all.

As promised here is the single page I started yesterday. I found these two photos when I was sorting out all my photos and storing them for use. These were just two on their own and I wanted to use them. I haven't done many of us together because generally I am the one taking the photos so it is a bit difficult.

This was a lonely sheet of paper that I found at our local scrapbook store and I really liked it... Kind of doodled in black, blue and red. This was a really quick page, and I have to say that I am loving doing single pages... I am still not convinced that I like them in an album :) It does bother me when I open the page and each side is different but I am sucking it up.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. TTFN


  1. I know all about not being in the photos...when I get someone to take a pic of me I often don't like it so delete it...Makes it look like I am never at events...Have to train a photographer to take skinny shots of me LOL!

  2. PS: did you know you have word verification on? If you want to take it off go to my blog here and the instructions are quite clear...