Monday, 5 March 2012


 Hello everyone... well Monday Madness doesn't even begin to tell you how I am feeling at the moment. First of all we have had no water since Friday and I have a visitor from Nelspruit and tonight is family dinner.  Anyway after many phone calls and lots of ranting I am told the water will be back on by 9.00 tonight. 

So I needed some happy stuff to cheer me up and crapping always makes me happy. I finished another single page, and this page just makes me feel good when I look at it. I found this photo of Simon and I on the boat while I was trying to recover all my lost photos, and I thought I just had to scrap it and because there was only two pictures it was perfect for a single page.

If anyone had asked me I would have said this was just a couple of years ago... It was, in actual fact, fourteen years ago:( Where did the time go and how can it be passing by so fast. Makes you realise that we really should live in the moment and savour it. I am also happy to say that I used my stash for this page too. I am so proud of this. :D These pictures were taken by a friend who was on the boat with us. It was Simon's 45th birthday and we were at the dam. I had organised a hot air balloon ride for his birthday and then we went out for a booze cruise in the evening and had a braai. It was a nice day.

I have been keeping up with my photo a day challenge to and here they are for the last couple of days.

Day Two - Fruit

This is what I had for breakfast - a great big fat juicy minneola.

Day Three - My Neighbourhood

I love the estate where we live. It always makes me think of Wisteria Lane. There are only 40 something houses in the estate and this is our part of the estate taken from my upstairs balcony over towards Broadacres which is our local shopping centre. I love that it is so quiet and pretty.

Day Four - Bedside

Yes this really is my bedside table and yes it is always this neat and un-cluttered, unlike Simon's. I am a neat freak and I like a place for everything and everything in its place.

Day Five - Smile

This is Stephen my housekeeper. He is so happy and so helpful all the time. Not only does he take care of the house, he cooks, he takes care of the garden and when he needs to get out he takes my four yorkies for a walk and they love him. How can you not be happy when you see a smile like that.

You see I already feel better.


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