Saturday, 10 March 2012


My boy has moved to Cape Town to start up the business there, and this week he had to come home to sort out some problems that they were having - mission accomplished - which means he is leaving tonight :( I really miss him when he is not around. I can't believe how much he has changed since he has been away. He has grown up again in a different way.

Anyway as I was organising my albums and putting away the new pages I came across this page that I did at one of the convention and it got me thinking! When my kids were small, and even more so for when I was young, we didn't have digital cameras and film was so expensive so you didn't take hundreds of un-necessary photos. These five little photos were all I had from Clint's second birthday. He had just broken his arm riding one of those little plastic motorbikes that ALL kids love. In a passage that was no more than the length of two rooms, no-one else in site. We think he must have fallen off with his arm underneath. Anyway I was so paranoid about this arm and how sore it was and would it get hurt more and so on that we decided not to have a party for him. We just had his cousins and his best friend come over for cake and stuff. I always find it hard to know what to do with the small square photos and this page reminded me how easy it is if you just think out the box. 

I actually love this page and there is no reason why it cant be adapted over and over again. :D

My photo of the day for yesterday, which also happened to be my father-in-laws 86th birthday. Way to go Dad, hope that there are many more.

Day 8 -Red

I love these little birds that come to my feeder every day.

TTFN and have a wonderful weekend.

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