Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Hello Everyone

Happy Humpday... yes we are over the hump and downhill towards the weekend. I have been so busy but no scrapping or crafts of any kind, but I do want to share with you that I won the Challenge #9 for the Crafting Ireland Magazine so go over and take a look. I have already posted the page on here. It was the one in Pinks and Turquoise with my two babies playing by the pool.

I have some projects on the go so hopefully after TT tomorrow I will have something to post for you :D

I have done my Photo a day though and here it is.

Day 18 - Hair

Although I have always had short hair (yes - all my life) I have always coloured my hair, every colour under the sun, then a couple of years ago I developed an allergy to hair dyes. (That really sucked) Anyway I persevered for a time but the reactions got so bad that I had to stop dying it. My hair is quite grey and to me very unattractive but there was nothing I could do so I decided to grow it... I managed to get it to just below my ears, sort of all one length - I said sort of :P And finally I got so tired of it I hated it long so I chopped it all off and these were the photos that I took of myself with my BB. I then converted to black and white in Picassa and they have some cool new features and this was the one I chose. I think it looks pretty cool.

I'll be back tomorrow...

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  1. Do you have a direct link to the page as I'm having trouble finding it :(
    Helen -- Firenze Cards