Tuesday, 26 June 2012


This was really the first time that I had spent a significant amount of time in Cape Town and I have to tell you that I really loved it. It is like being in another country and not South Africa. To me it had a very european feel to it. Lots of little coastal towns with cool shops, markets and places to meet and eat.

We were picked up at the airport by a very excited boy who could not wait to show off his adopted town. First stop was Mariner's Wharf in Hout Bay for the best fish and chips for lunch. How cool is this sign :D

Here I could watch these seagulls vying for scraps of food from happy, lunch time visitors.

I love old fishing boats. They have such stories to tell.

We took the scenic route home, driving along Chapmans Peak so we could enjoy the sights. The Cape Coastline is really beautiful.  Rugged and rocky to beaches of white soft sand and icy cold water.

Got to Clint's flat late in the afternoon. He has such a great view. This is slightly to the left... the stadium they built for the soccer world cup.

Then straight ahead you can see the V & A waterfront and the big beige building is Sol Kerzners Hotel.

Of to the right you can see the Cape Town harbour with all the container ships coming and going.

My favourite was the boats coming in and out of the V & A Harbour.

Saturday morning was a beautiful, clear, and relatively warm day so we went down to the Old Biscuit Mill, a market with the most amazing foodstuffs.

Fresh flowers stalls...

Fresh honey and preserves of all kinds...

Freshly made rolls to order...

A gorgeous array of fresh pastries. I had one with cherry tomatoes, olives, brie and an onion marmalade. Was so yummy...

The nice thing about this market was that everything was farm fresh.

They had a fabulous wine section too :D

There was hand made crafty stuff too.

Plus some clothing stalls and all kinds of wonderful things.

We spent a wonderful few hours just browsing around.

I really loved this water mill in the centre of the market.

In the afternoon we collected my nephew who is in Cape Town taking a years sabbatical before going back to New Zealand to do a teaching degree and headed off to the Fireman's Pub to meet my brother and his wife and watch the rugby. Finished off the day with a fabulous dinner at an Italian restaurant.

I will be back tomorrow to show you what we did on Sunday :D


  1. I have to tell you, Val, that before I met so many scrappers from South Africa, visiting there was not on my "bucket list." The amazing photos and layouts I am seeing of your great country has had me add S.A. to be bucket list, and it is nearing the top. Keep taking pictures! I am enjoying my armchair travel!

  2. These pictures are amazing like kay South Africa was not on my list of places to visit but then again neither was America but....... when I see photos like these sort off changes my mind .....wish i could take such lovely pics am afraid i just aim and shoot looking forward to the rest of them now ♥

  3. Val, your pictures are fabulous. Makes me want to come visit. I love wandering around markets. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  4. Wow what an amazing place to visit. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

  5. Thank you all so much for your comments... SA is a wonderful place to visit :D not that I am biased mind you :D
    Jakki... I am just a point and shoot person and all my photos are taken on auto... most people cringe :d