Monday, 16 July 2012

SKETCH #7 - Scrap Africa

Good morning everyone from a VERY chilly Johannesburg. Winter has finally arrived, although it is still 11 degrees, the sun is out and the sky is clear.

 I have the heater on in my studio while I try to wrap up all my stuff before I go away on Sunday.

I want to share a page with you that I did this weekend for Scrap Africa challenge #7. I changed the photo to Black and White and added one of my favourite quotes to it. I am a huge fan of white space on pages and have been playing around with paint and glimmer mists too. I kept this page very clean and just used white Bazzill, which I rolled lines of paint using a pizza cutter, spritzed with perfect pearls and used a tooth brush to create spatter and the larger drops of paint. I matted the photo onto pink and just used two strips of pattern paper to create the banner. I added a strip of black and white washi tape to the right side as well and then another piece of washi tape (photo frames) across the page. I the clustered white and black and pink flowers in the bottom right hand corner and finished it off with a couple of swirl rub-ons. I moved the title to the top because it just didn't sit right along the left hand side of the photo. I journalled around the edge of the page with some of my favourite quotes.

I don't know how I am going to manage not scrapping for six weeks, on the up side I will be posting a European travelog. :D

I hope you are all managing to keep warm, those of you that are cold, and keeping cool - all of you that are so hot.


Sunday, 15 July 2012


We were truly blessed with wonderful weather the entire time we were in Cape Town. Apart from the drizzle the first day we arrived the skies were blue and the sun was out.

We chose a little restaurant to have breakfast at and this was the view across to the water. Just perfect

Across the bay to the mountain . A perfect picture on a perfect day.

This was one of the reasons we came to Blouberg was to see the wreck. It is magnificent but I cant believe that they haven't tried to take it out of the water. In my mind I would use it for parts, but hey that's just me.

Now I had time to play, to take photos that I wanted of things that I love to photograph. The Details.

It really seems such a waste to me that these perfectly good cranes are just rotting away.

I really love the colours in this photo.

Despite the cold weather there were more than a few surfers out.

Braving the cold to catch the waves.

I love the way the sea plays around the rocks. I can sit and watch it for hours.

I really love this photo with the grass in the sand and the wave in the background.

Candid shots of Clint playing with my other camera.

Cape Town really is a beautiful place.

How cool are these sea anenomes that we found in one of the little rock pools.

Of course no trip to the beach is worth it if you don't have the gulls.

Admiring the views and deep in conversation...

I think my boy likes photography as much as I do.

One of my favourite photos.

Catching the gulls in flight. Just lovely. The thing that really amazed my about Cape Town is that you didn't have to drive far to find something to do or see.  I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me. 

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Clint organised a ride on a 1920's train from Cape Town to Simon's Town for us all for fathers day this year. We flew Storm down to be with us and early on Sunday morning we made our way to the train station.  I was my first time in a train... I have been on undergrounds overseas but that doesn't compare to this. This train runs every second Sunday and we were so lucky to have it on fathers day.

I was so excited and took loads and loads of photos. I am convinced I was born in the wrong era...all at once I could imagine busy platforms with women in crinoline skirts and men in top hats.

The doors to each of the carriages...

I mean seriously, how cool is this

Can you imagine back in the day when they did long journeys, having to sit like this all the way. I loved the windows they slid down into the side of the carriage.

Up ahead preparations for our journey we full steam ahead ;)

Her name is Jenny and she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She is loved and very well cared for and the people that work on and in her are so passionate about her.

Looks like we have a new train driver :D

Then that magical moment when the whistle blows and we slowly start to chug forward, my heart was in my throat and I thought I would burst with excitement.  Just look at all that steam billowing out. I loved the sight, the sound and the smell. This would be a ride to remember. 

The momentum picked up and soon we were lulled by the rythmic, chooka chooka, chooka chooka.

Nothing but the train and miles and miles of track.

Beautiful scenery and scintilating company, this would be a day to remember.

The train makes two stops, the first one is a Kalk Bay, where we dropped some of the passengers, and the second at Simon's Town.

She certainly was the centre of attention with everyone clambering to get photos, and soon enough we were off again.

I took loads and loads of photos of her, her wheels, workings and everything in between.

What is it about fishing boats that is so appealing, they are old and worn and smelly but there is something about them that I just love.


Lame I know but I just had to take a photo of Simon under the Simon's Town sign. Amazing what amuses people :D

We took a walk into town to find somewhere to eat, no-one of us thought to book anywhere and were hoping that it wouldn't be a problem on fathers day. 

Simon's Town is the Naval Base and you can see the large navy ship in the harbour.

I also have a thing about churches, well I have a thing about many things and this is just one of them. It was little and quaint and oh so pretty.

We would have loved to have gone to the naval museum but we just didn't have enough time. I never realised just how much there was to do in Cape Town.

A town full of quaint shops and pubs and eateries. We decided to go to the meeting house for lunch as a very dear friend introduced me to it a few day earlier.

How civilised to be drinking Pimms on a Sunday afternoon in Simon's Town.

This was lunch and I am very sorry to report that it looks much nicer than it tasted. I think that they were probably overwhelmed by the number of people that were eating there. Just as well we had to walk back to the station after that lunch.

Finally, before we boarded to come back home we got a photo of all four of us. A reminder of a perfectly wonderful day.


Thursday, 12 July 2012

100 LAYOUTS IN 2012

Hello Everyone,

I thought that I would share a couple of layouts that I have done recently, this first on was a challenge over at
Let's Scrap, my favourite web site... The challenge was to only use cardstock, ribbon and brads and nothing else.

My first reaction was OMG how am I going to do that. It was actually such an easy challenge to do and when you start to think about it there a loads of things that you can do. I started by selecting my photo, and I had this one from some photos I took of flowers in my studio and I really loved this particular photo... it's one of those that you look and and think "did I take that". I used white, pink and then green cardstock.  I cut the pink mat across the page then punched six 2" squares out of the green. I decided to emboss three of the squares only and placed them down the right hand side. I matted the photo onto white cardstock to make it really stand out and stuck that down. The photo corner was cut with the slice machine in two different sizes so that they could be layered. The bottom strip of green was punched using my Martha Stewart punch and adhered below the pink. I then finished it off with a piece of ribbon. I wanted something on the green so I used my hole punch to make some small circles which were then put onto the green and then three in green in the top right of the page. I punched the butterfly from my MS punches, and cut the title with my slice machine. Easy Peasy.

For this next one I just love this photo of Storm, and I really wanted to use it on a single page. I used some off-cuts of My Minds Eye - BeLoved range of papers and put this together using a sketch from Let's Scrap. These are some of my favourite colours to scrap in and I just love this page. It makes me smile every time I see it.



Situated on the Northern slope of Table Mountain (Devil's Peak) lies the famous Rhodes Memorial, from which you have this magnificent view over Cape town.

We arrived latish in the afternoon and my first thought from the car park was "unimpressive" :( how wrong could I be.....

This monument was completed and dedicated in 1912 to Cecil John Rhodes was designed by Sir Herbert Baker. In the centre of the monument is a statue of Cecil John Rhodes and a saying...

 "To the spirit and life work of Cecil John Rhodes who loved and served South Africa"

The monument is built in a U-shape with 49 steps leading down which signify each year of his life.

 Eight magnificent bronze lions by John Macallan Swan flank the steps leading down from the monument.

and they are truly magnificent.

At the bottom of the steps is a bronze statue of a horseman, Energy by George Frederic Watts, and I love how this one is almost a silhouette against the sky.

It has a kind of a Parthenon kind of a feel to  it... It is truly a magnificent piece of architecture.

Just behind the trees you can see the tip of Devil's Peak.

The views of Cape Town from here are just spectacular.

The top of the mountain behind the monument.

I had no idea there was so much to see and do in Cape Town. It is one place that you don't have to think about where to go... you can just get in your car and drive and there is somewhere to go or something to see. Cape Town has a very European feel in this regard.

We are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful country.