Sunday, 15 July 2012


We were truly blessed with wonderful weather the entire time we were in Cape Town. Apart from the drizzle the first day we arrived the skies were blue and the sun was out.

We chose a little restaurant to have breakfast at and this was the view across to the water. Just perfect

Across the bay to the mountain . A perfect picture on a perfect day.

This was one of the reasons we came to Blouberg was to see the wreck. It is magnificent but I cant believe that they haven't tried to take it out of the water. In my mind I would use it for parts, but hey that's just me.

Now I had time to play, to take photos that I wanted of things that I love to photograph. The Details.

It really seems such a waste to me that these perfectly good cranes are just rotting away.

I really love the colours in this photo.

Despite the cold weather there were more than a few surfers out.

Braving the cold to catch the waves.

I love the way the sea plays around the rocks. I can sit and watch it for hours.

I really love this photo with the grass in the sand and the wave in the background.

Candid shots of Clint playing with my other camera.

Cape Town really is a beautiful place.

How cool are these sea anenomes that we found in one of the little rock pools.

Of course no trip to the beach is worth it if you don't have the gulls.

Admiring the views and deep in conversation...

I think my boy likes photography as much as I do.

One of my favourite photos.

Catching the gulls in flight. Just lovely. The thing that really amazed my about Cape Town is that you didn't have to drive far to find something to do or see.  I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me. 


  1. Val, I love all your pictures. I also take a picture of the gulls whenever we are at the shore. This looks like a beautiful place, thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes Val Cape Town is tops, I loved your photos also agree with you about the wreck what a waist of metal.