Thursday, 5 July 2012


Hello Everyone,

I decided yesterday, after realising that I don't blog as regularly as I would like, to manage my time a bit better and that I need to set aside time first thing in the morning (preferably) to sit at my computer and do all my admin stuff, look at/answer e-mails, check on Facebook, blog and all that other stuff, because it seems as though I get involved in other things and my day gets away with me. So here goes.

Our primary reason for going to Cape Town was for Simon to check on his business. He wanted to visit all the sites that are already open and see where they need to try for more stores, and so, as a result we spent a fair amount of time in the car. On this particular morning we set out early, by Cape Town standards, and decided we would find somewhere to eat along the way. We were all beginning to feel a bit peckish when we saw the sign for Dremersfontein Wine Estate. Simon loves to buy wine even though neither of us are big wine drinkers and neither of us knows anything about wine.  We decided to see if they were open for breakfast and this is my eye's view of the estate.

Long windy road from the gate to the main buildings, through these gorgeous trees. 

My first thought as we got out of the car was, is it real....? :D no it's not, but it was such a good sculpture.

The thing that caught my eye was the horses but the boys were hungry and wanted to eat first and I wanted to go and explore, needless to say I lost.

Such a lovely building. Real Cape style. They have conference facilities and rooms so you can stay over too.

I loved the dining room, big wooden tables and a fire place, an eclectic mix of stuff and huge windows that overlooked the most amazing views.

No wonder the boys were hungry :D We had bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast for breakfast. A real farm breakfast but so good. Finally, I could take my camera and go and take some photos while the boys went wine tasting at 9 in the morning :D

I went down to the paddock for a closer look at these magnificent creatures. They were totally unconcerned by my presence, just grazing away while the guinea fowl watched on from the fence.

Seriously, isn't he beautiful?

Which ever way you turned were just the most amazing views.

Can you imagine having to come to work every morning in this environment. Apparently all the workers on this estate have shares in it so it is in their interest to make it a successful business.

Just lovely

This is their range of wines and apparently they are one of only a few estates that have 5 star rated wines. Simon ordered a case of mixed wines to bring home.

Looks like a pretty successful shop to me :D. I wanted to bring some wine back for the TT girls who are wine fundis so I got them a bottle each of the 5 star wine hoping it was a good one. Turn's out it was one of Cher's favourite estates. How cool was that.

I couldn't resist on last photo on our way out. Just because the leaves looked so lovely against the white wall.

 I don't know where I will take you tomorrow I think you will just have to wait and see.


  1. Some cheese would go well with the wines?

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm, it was the wine that caught my eye, too! You are not only a wonderful scrap artist, but an amazing photographer!

  3. Wow, that's so breathtaking...and so I reach the end of a beautiful journey; love your photography Val...take me to another place next time...

  4. What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.