Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hello everyone,
I know I haven't posted in a while but It has been more difficult to do this on the road than I thought it would be, I have only just worked out how to do this much on my iPad :) and this little keyboard is not the easiest thing to manipulate.

But here I am in wet, cold rainy Ireland :) having a ball, I spent a couple odd days with my brother in Bristol in the UK and then flew over to Ireland, I have visited some wonderful places and taken loads of gorgeous photos but I can't upload the from my iPad... Technological disadvantages to being :)

Today I am in a little town about halfway between Kilkenny and Cork, and the have a huge Indi music festival every year, the music is pumping and the little town is teeming with people. All dressed in rain coats and wellies, the fields are sodden but they all seem to be having a ball.

Tomorrow we are of to Cork for some retail therapy, hopefully I will get to visit a scrapbook store or too ...

I will clock in again later. Have fun,