Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hello Everyone

Well it is Wednesday again already and I still feel like I am chasing my tail. At least I have finished all the convention pages. I have also completed a couple of pages for Let's Scrap so I will stop jabbering.

This page belonged to the page in the previous post with my brother on it. I didn't like the two pages together so I split them and created two single pages which I am much happier with. I loved these two but not together. I really liked the little flowers we made with circles, because you can create flowers for any pages that you are doing. I will cover those a little later too. 

I tweaked this page a little too, I really liked it as well - more now that I have changed it. I am going to use this page for photos from my friend Des's birthday. I just need to get the photos and I will add them.

I just loved this file folder project too, but I had to tweak this a bit too. I am very happy with the finished thing and I am sending it to Ali, my sister in law and it has photos of our girls trip to Belfast. I know she will love it.

As you open up the file folder this is what you see. On the left hand side another folder has been cut in half and attached here with another folder on top with the discover flag on it, so it all sits very nicely... Except that I made mine upside down :( well I do like to be different :)

I have used the top folder to begin our trip with photos from our day trip around Belfast.

If you open that file there is another pocket inside with some photos of our hotel in it. The two front tags are loose and I have journalled on the backs of them.

The other side of the folder looks like this with the other half of the second folder placed on this page in the bottom half. I have decorated the front with a tag, a couple of flags and a photo of our drive up.

This half file also opens up to show some pages that were added and I have used these pages to highlight the things we did on the different days.

This photo shows the second and third pages.

This one shows the last two pages

The brown strip that you can see in the middle is just a little fold on the middle for added photos or ephemera or quotes.

I coloured the file folders with pan pastels in pink, green and blue to match the papers, I also coloured the tags the same way. I really loved this project and I think I may do something like this for me too.


  1. Absolutely Love the file folder - what a brilliant idea - looks like too much work though :( Stunning Val

  2. This is soooo pretty. I love all the pockets and layers. Fabulous.