Saturday, 15 September 2012


Hello Everyone,

Well I am home again, in fact I have been home for two weeks already and it has taken me this long to settle back down again. Firstly, it feels as if I have been away forever, six weeks is a long time and I really had every GOOD intention of blogging while I was away. This proved much more difficult that I anticipated so it just never happened. I got home to a very sick son - who had bronchitis and an ailing hubby who got bronchitis which then turned to pneumonia. The first weekend back was also our annual Scrapbook Convention so I feel as though my feet have not touched ground yet. 

I really loved my time away and I had the most amazing holiday, we travelled a lot, took loads of photos and ate and drank plenty - but - the weather was truly awful there. It is their summer and the average temperature while I was there was 12.5.... SERIOUSLY our winters here have temps in the 20's,  and it rained every day - so sometimes taking photos was a little difficult. 

This is what greeted me when I got home - grey skies :(  But on the upside just have a look at the jasmine that is right outside my studio door. It is just glorious, and the heavenly perfume just fills the air in my studio. Happiness is....

So I am going to start with the convention because I am still wading through all my holiday photos. 

It was the usual TT girls Ils, myself, Des and Cher in the front.. plus Tiff came back from Durban to join us for the first time since she left Johannesburg to go and live in Duban.  I have to just say that these weekends away are for me the very best therapy.

 We went to Emperors Palace at midday on Friday and met at our usual convention haunt for lunch and the first of our wonderful cocktails... strawberry daiquiris.

and yes they are a yummy as they looked and we ate a leisurely lunch of yummy goodness. After which we were able to book into our rooms at the hotel. All the rooms are similar to this one and are very pretty except for the fact that the loo and the shower are just behind that curtain in the room, but that is another story altogether :D

Once we were settled and unpacked we met downstairs in the bar to open our goodie bags. Each year we do these and the gifts can be anything that we think the girls would like, they don't have to be scrapping related. This is a very rowdy affair and much enjoyed by all of us.

All the bags and the wrappings and where possible the gifts are colour coded for the girls who have preferences of colour (NO names will be mentioned here ok Ils :D)

These were my gifts and they were so pretty and so useful and so different.

And.... in celebration of the weekend and true sisterhood the occasion was marked with a shooter, a blow job to be exact and they were very delicious. Now was time to register for the convention and a little retail therapy before dinner.

Dinner was much like all the other meals, loud and noisy and full of laughter and friendship and bonding and of course this time mojito's which were so nice... Wonder who the bloody mary was for :D and I hate to tell you but we were all in bed by 7:30... yes I know it was lame but we are all mothers with children and hubby's and demanding lives and how nice to be able to get into bed that early with NO guilt and either read, talk or watch a bit of TV without interruption of any kind. Plus we had a big day ahead of us and a girl needs her beauty sleep.

I will be back tomorrow with the next instalment :) Have I told you how happy I am to be back and doing what I love doing. Well I am very happy to be back and doing what I love doing.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

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