Thursday, 28 February 2013


Hello Everyone,

I am here with a quick post because I want to get this one in to Scrap Africa before the link closes in a couple of hours... The theme was hearts to keep in line with the whole month of love thing :D

First of all I used a Heidi Swapp heart stencil for this layout. The big heart which goes slightly of the page and the smaller hearts that make up the corner and I used texture paste to raise them a bit. The whole layout was then washed with a red watery paint and then done again using white, the paint was then wiped off the hearts. I cut the heart out from the center right down to the center bottom and slipped the layers underneath the big hear. The three hearts were just cut out free hand and then I added the embellishments and washi tape... Finished it off with some bling and some doodling. Great challenge. Glad I just made it :D

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Hello Everyone

I just want to let you know that I am VERY proudly designing for Scrap Your Story, and I am so excited, I do hope that you will join us in the weekly challenges. If you haven't already taken a look at the site you can find them here. The challenges will be posted on a Friday and you have a week to do it in. You can meet the rest of the Design Team too. It's going to be a lot of fun and there will be something for everyone.

I also have a layout from my Saturday class to share with you...

I used this fabulous sketch from Becky Fleck over at Page Maps, where they have sketches for all sizes of layout... really some wonderful ideas.

Here is my layout.

I kept it very similar because I thought it was such a nice sketch. So... I started with a plain sandy colour background and used my chicken wire stencil with some texture paste to randomly add some interest on the pages, once this was dry I accentuated a couple here and there with water colour pencils and some bling... I punched two rows of shell pattern onto contrasting papers and layered them one on top of the other, and stuck to a strip of corrugated cardboard that I smeared with gesso and paint.

Here you can see the chicken wire, the shell patterned border and the corrugated card. The photos are all 4 x 6 and I just mat them all and adhered to a strip that ran the length of the layout.

On either end of the middle strip are brackets which I cut using my silhouette (love that machine). The tickets and journaling cards all came from the back of one of the pieces of paper as did the little hexagons that I fussy cut and added to replicate the chicken wire. Then I finished it off with some chippies I found in my stash and some little Petaloo flowers that were perfect for this layout. The title was made using some balsa wood alphabets that I left as is and just inked and the sticker letters are from Websters. The gorgeous papers are Authentique and I love them. Such pretty colours and perfect for a beach layout.

Have fun and Happy Scrapping and just before I go I thought I would share this with you....

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Morning Everyone

The newest CSI case file is out... and this is also my last one as a Special Investigator. I have enjoyed this last month so much...
I used this sketch from OUAS 

Here is how I solved the case:

Scheme     - I used all of the colours.
Evidence   - Hearts, layers, circles, decorative border and solid white background.
Testimony - IW - SWEET!

My journaling reads...

We all have them, some we will talk about and some we won’t... This is one of mine that I will talk about J What could be nicer than fat, sweet, juicy strawberries? Big, fat, sweet, juicy strawberries dipped in WHITE chocolate! For me there is NOTHING that beats this!
So we are in London with some friends, the guys have gone off on their own and Lisa and I are strolling down London’s main street to do some shopping and what do I spy but Lady Godiva’s. It is summer and Wimbledon is on which means only ONE thing for me... Strawberry season! We are both salivating at the window of the shop and there on a plate I find strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Lisa and I both look at one another and with little giggles make a dash for the door to see who gets inside first.  We order our cones of chocolate covered strawberries. One each because we are NOT sharing - with each other or - with anyone else. Shopping went out the window and we happily wandered down the street eating our Guilty Pleasures.
To say that Derek and Simon were put out is an understatement. They both sat there with long faces as we told them in detail of these tasty morsels that we had scoffed down so we didn’t have to give them any. I took photos of our treats but we were laughing so much at the boys I forgot to capture their disgusted expressions.
Gotta love Guilty Pleasures...

Thank you so much to Debbi Tehrani and the Team for inviting me to play along. I have had a blast!

I am off to teach a class this morning and I will put the layout up tomorrow or Monday as I have my photography class this afternoon and I am so enjoying that.

Friday, 22 February 2013


Hello Everyone

I am just here with a quick post on something that I found and I thought I would share. Who doesn't love a challenge? I certainly do and for me they are what helps me to grow as an artist....

So I came across this site though Kristine's blog, took a look and I am going to go for it... I hope that you will take a look too....

So head on over to the Scrap Your Story website and hopefully you will decide to play along too...

I am still trying to play catch up so I will post something real soon....

Have a wonderful ....

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Hello Everyone
Just a quick note to say that I am home again and so happy to be back. We went down to our place at Uvongo for a week then DH surprised me with a two night getaway to Lords of the Manor in the Midlands. It was heaven. I will post pics once I have downloaded them all.

I feel like I am chasing my tail so I just want to upload the latest CSI case file and then I will do another blog post tomorrow once I am caught up.

Here is Case File # 59
I used another sketch from OUAS

Here'd how I solved the case...

Scheme   - I used all the colours.
Evidence  - Distressing, bird, curls, texture paste and embossing.
Testimony - IW - LOVE
Journalling reads :

In reality being married is NOTHING like the fantasy I imagined when I was a young girl, I really believed everything would be wine and roses, the 2.2 perfect children, the lovely house with the white picket fence, the Sunday lunches under the large trees with the kids playing nearby, wonderful meals cooked together, sipping G & T’s watching the sun set as we quietly recount our day, outings to exciting places on the weekends and holidays abroad.
When Simon and I decided to get married we never actually sat down and discussed our feelings on anything to do with love, marriage, children, finances, what we expected from one another or any of the other myriad of things that go hand in hand with marriage. We just decided one day to do it, and do it we did, no pomp, no ceremony just the two of us and our immediate families.
Now 35 years down the line I look back and I really don’t know how the hell we managed, to stay married, raise two amazing kids, grow a business, and build a very good life - but we did, and we are still together. It has been such a roller coaster ride and it has taken a toll on both of us, and sometimes just sometimes I wish that it would just settle down a little bit, but we still don’t have a plan and we are still flying by the seats of our pants and we are still going strong. I often wonder if we would have listened if anyone had tried to tell us what we were in for anyway :D
This is just my kind of love.

See ya all tomorrow.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Hello Everyone

I have a layout that I have done for the February challenge over at OUAS and the theme for this month (the month of love) is LOVE!

Any kind of love, just as long as your layout relates to love. This is the sketch that they want you to use - and I really love their sketches.

Here is my layout for this challenge.

I used Crate Papers for this layout, just because I love the soft, girly, nature feel of the papers. I used a Martha Stewart punch to create the borders on either side of the purple paper, and the circles were hand cut using plates as templates. All the edges were inked and roughed up. Under the photo I layered a piece of crochet lace and purple ribbon and along the side added some photo strip washi tape to highlight the photographic angle. Then the bling and flowers were added, followed by the heart with the life quote and another quote was added on the journalling strips.

Here is a close up of the bottom corner, with all the flowers and the bling. I also stuck in two hat pins.

A close up of the top corner of the photo with the heart, flowers and quote written on paper strips.

My journalling which is on the back of the layout reads :

Is a journey not a guided tour.
Get to grips with it! See it! Smell it! Taste it! Feel it! Live it and love it because this is all there is, and it won’t last forever.
I love these quotes and I have found them to be truer than true over the years. Now that I have got into photography I am beginning to really get this. Taking photos of your kids, hubbies and families, Christmas’, birthdays and weddings is what we all do as scrapbookers. But in the frenetic pace of our day to day lives we have forgotten to take time to smell the roses and really live in the moment. Photography has brought me back to that. I love to take pictures of the little things, the random things that catch my eye. I find now I really look at things like this photo here of Bennett’s Bridge in Ireland. Not only did I love the Bridge because it is also my maiden name (Bennett) but I loved this photo because from inside Nicholas Moss looking out of the window on the top floor I noticed that the window followed the curve of the bridge and I thought that was so cool. When I mentioned it to my brother and sister in law they both looked at me like I had completely lost it. They had never noticed before and they go there often for tea. So my question is if we don’t take notice of the small things what else do we miss in life.
So my new love is my life.

Thank you :D

It's hump day again and that means there is a new reveal over at Let's Scrap today too. The new sketch was designed my the very talented  Michelle van Wyk and it was a pretty cool one to work with.

I took these photos of the fire engine that brought Father Christmas to the Indaba last year when we went their for Christmas lunch. It was magnificent. So I kept my page very simple, using only cardstock in black, grey, white and red. The red mats were traced and hand cute and I did a little stamping on them with a script stamp and a spot stamp. The grey washi tape was then added and the journalling was written onto strips of grey cardstock. I made the flowers from cardstock to keep the feel masculine.

Thanks for taking a look.

Saturday, 2 February 2013


Hello everyone

Some exciting news for me. I have been chosen to be a guest detective over at CSI for this month and I am so honoured and excited. This is a site that I love and was totally intimidated by the first time I visited but I took the plunge and cracked my first case and I made it to the most wanted list. You could have blown me over with a feather.  It has helped me grow and find my voice in ways I could not have imagined and I am so grateful to Debbi Tehrani who is the founder of the site and to Helen Wallace one of the DT's whose support and encouragement for me has been unfailing. THANK YOU!

Here is the new case file, and the first one for February..

With Valentines day coming up the theme is perfect, all hearts and flowers and gorgeous soft colours.. I used this sketch from OUAS for this case. I really love their sketches.

Here is how I solved the case. The papers I used for this layout are from Kaiser Craft and they were perfect for this weeks colour palette.

Scheme     - I used all of the colours.
Evidence   - Hearts, flowers, 10 layers, die cuts, punches
Testimony - Document a love story.

My journalling reads...

Forever... this is a love story that began at a Christmas party 47 years ago between my aunt, Em and her husband Willy, who was then a married man. It lasted, in absolute secret, for about 23 years until his children had finished school, at which time he left his wife and announced to a horrified family of hers that they were now an item. They moved in together and in around mid 1980’s they moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa. On the anniversary of the day they met 25 years before the two of them ran away together and got married, in secret too. It was just something they wanted to do with just the two of them, and they didn’t want to share that precious moment with anyone else. They never had any children, Willy already had two boys and Em had me, and they didn’t want anymore.
 NOW I am not saying I agree with affairs as so many people get hurt, and I do not judge anyone who finds themselves, for whatever reason, in that situation, but I absolutely loved hearing the stories of their illicit meetings and trysts, and I think truth be told I was a little jealous of such a passionate love at the expense of anything and everything else.
They left South Africa in the mid 90’s and moved around like Gypsies, first living in Amman for a few years then in England for a few years and finally in Ireland where Willy still lives but sadly alone. They came home to see us every year once they left, until my kids had finished school and I was free to travel more then I saw used to go to them once a year too.   Whilst they were living in England my beloved Em got sick, she had leukaemia and underwent a long and horrific treatment and eventually went into remission. I was so scared that I would lose her and all the horror of losing my mom at such an early age came flooding back. I did NOT want to lose her, and I was over the moon when she got better, my prayers had been answered. The whole time Willy had never left her side, he nursed her, he cared for her, and he loved her. Sadly, it doesn’t really matter much what we want and she got sick again and just like the first time round Willy took care of her, travelling each day an hour there and an hour back to the hospital to sit with her, bath her, feed her and keep her spirits up. Sometimes at one in the morning the hospital would phone him to come to her just because she needed to see him. During this time I spoke to her every single day. She passed away three years ago in June and we were both left heartbroken. I still see Willy twice a year and we both still miss her every day. Although he has gone on with his life that spark has gone from his eyes and there is a sadness about him that comes from having lost the only thing you have ever loved...

Here are some close ups of the layout.

I used some gesso coloured with teal paint and a chicken wire stencil on the background page. I really like the subtlety of this. The big flower is a Tim Holtz die cute and a button was added for interest. The pink heart border is a chipboard die cute that I painted pink and diamond glazed. The butterflies are a Martha Stewart punch

This is just closer up of the hearts and the butterflies. The hearts was actually the negative die cut which I preferred to the whole hearts.

On the other side of the photo I repeated the cluster with the flowers and butterflies and I also put a frame on the photo with some ribbons tied to it.

I used my ticket stamps by Glenda Viljoen - which are my absolute favourites and printed them on to patterned paper and then cut them out and tucked them into the flowers.

At the top on the left hand side of the layout I created a little tear in the paper and behind it stuck a punched piece of paper that peeps through.

That is my first contribution as a guest designer.. Thank you for stopping by to take a look.

Friday, 1 February 2013


 Hello Everyone,

I am back to put up the new reveal at Let's Scrap, I know it was on Wednesday and today is Friday but sometimes that's how I roll... :D

Here is this weeks sketch by Jennifer Russel, cool huh? Love sketches where you can use lots of photos.

Here is my take on the sketch. I decided I would only do one page this week because I have had my brother with me and I didn't want to spend ALL my time in my studio. I took these photos from his balcony when I was with him in July last year. I love hot air balloons, I took my hubby on a hot air balloon ride for his 45th birthday and we had such fun. These photos came out pretty nice because they were far away in the distance and I only had my little point and shoot so I am very happy.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this layout and chose to go with this blue/grey and black card stock. I  first of all sprayed the card stock with a mini mister of pale yellow perfect pearls to go with the yellow of the setting sun in the photos. Then I used one one of my stencils and some gesso to make the clouds. I then sewed around the edge of the card stock and once this was done added a bit of doodling on the sewing line.

Here is a close up...

I used yellow for the punched border at the bottom and added a strip of green ribbon. The balloons were cut out on my silhouette and they are such fun. I added a bit of bling to them for some fun. I also cut out one of the balloons from one of the photos to put among the clouds. The title was written onto strips of white card stock and added above and below the AWAY. A quick fun layout.

I also have the new case file for last week at CSI...The colours are so gorgeous.

Here is my layout. This week I decided to keep it nice and clean and simple. I chose the blue/grey and black as my background and all I added was the white tag, the blue/grey patterned strip and the rest is washi tape. I LOVE washi tape. The clouds, umbrella and birdie came from the fabulous Michelle's co-ordinates... she is such an amazingly talented lady. I used some diamond glaze on the bird and the umbrella and in the clusters I added a flower rub-on, some white flowers and one metal flower, and of course the bling.

The quote under the title RAIN says...'Life is NOT about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.' I love this quote because it took me so many years to get it.

My journalling reads as follows.

13 Tips for a Happy Life

1                     Think freely, open your mind and never stop learning, knowledge is power.
2                     Tell those you love that you do at every opportunity, if you don’t you will regret it.
3                     Pick some daisies, share them, flowers ALWAYS make people feel good.
4                     Make some mistakes and learn from them, this is how you grow.
5                     Always make time for what you love, and appreciate your life as a wonderful journey.
6                     Live now – it is all you have.
7                     Don’t gather possessions gather experiences and adventures they are so much more exciting.
8                     You must be the change you want to see in the world.
9                     Make more inner journeys – discover who you are, give yourself time for greater spiritual growth.
10                 Give thanks every day, being grateful for even the smallest things makes life richer.
11                 Make time for laughter, make it long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
12                 Music makes you happy, so sing your song, play your instrument or listen to a record and dance.
13                 REMEMBER – GOD IS IN CHARGE and enjoy the ride. It is worth it.

This month I am going to be a guest designer over at CSI, and I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful, talented team so come on over and take a look and what we have got for you, in February the month of love.

Thanks for taking a look.