Saturday, 23 February 2013


Morning Everyone

The newest CSI case file is out... and this is also my last one as a Special Investigator. I have enjoyed this last month so much...
I used this sketch from OUAS 

Here is how I solved the case:

Scheme     - I used all of the colours.
Evidence   - Hearts, layers, circles, decorative border and solid white background.
Testimony - IW - SWEET!

My journaling reads...

We all have them, some we will talk about and some we won’t... This is one of mine that I will talk about J What could be nicer than fat, sweet, juicy strawberries? Big, fat, sweet, juicy strawberries dipped in WHITE chocolate! For me there is NOTHING that beats this!
So we are in London with some friends, the guys have gone off on their own and Lisa and I are strolling down London’s main street to do some shopping and what do I spy but Lady Godiva’s. It is summer and Wimbledon is on which means only ONE thing for me... Strawberry season! We are both salivating at the window of the shop and there on a plate I find strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Lisa and I both look at one another and with little giggles make a dash for the door to see who gets inside first.  We order our cones of chocolate covered strawberries. One each because we are NOT sharing - with each other or - with anyone else. Shopping went out the window and we happily wandered down the street eating our Guilty Pleasures.
To say that Derek and Simon were put out is an understatement. They both sat there with long faces as we told them in detail of these tasty morsels that we had scoffed down so we didn’t have to give them any. I took photos of our treats but we were laughing so much at the boys I forgot to capture their disgusted expressions.
Gotta love Guilty Pleasures...

Thank you so much to Debbi Tehrani and the Team for inviting me to play along. I have had a blast!

I am off to teach a class this morning and I will put the layout up tomorrow or Monday as I have my photography class this afternoon and I am so enjoying that.


  1. Ok, so now I am off to PnP to go get some strawberries and chocolate to make some of my own cos I am drooling at the thought of these and the photos of such yumminess are making me think that I might need a bib!

  2. I'm drooling! Absolute stunner! Love how you played with the bold red on the page!

  3. Oh wow..this is BEAUTIFUL!!! The red just POPS!

  4. No no you just skip the "guilty" bit and keep the "pleasures" ha ha! was it their shop on Regent Street? LOVE the piccies and your interpretation of the sketch and case file, you always create fab pages Val, always!! xoxox

  5. What a fun layout, Val! What a great story (journaling) to support your "habit"! hehe Your have been such an inspiration at CSI. You rock as a P.I.!

  6. Wow beautiful layout great subject and fab colours love it x

  7. Warmest congrats on making the Design Team at Scrap your story. They are so lucky to have you on the team and I look forward to seeing your art as the weeks go by :)

  8. I left you lots of love at CSI! This is really such a great layout and just love the decadent photo's! So beautifully done! ;-)