Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Hello Everyone
Just a quick note to say that I am home again and so happy to be back. We went down to our place at Uvongo for a week then DH surprised me with a two night getaway to Lords of the Manor in the Midlands. It was heaven. I will post pics once I have downloaded them all.

I feel like I am chasing my tail so I just want to upload the latest CSI case file and then I will do another blog post tomorrow once I am caught up.

Here is Case File # 59
I used another sketch from OUAS

Here'd how I solved the case...

Scheme   - I used all the colours.
Evidence  - Distressing, bird, curls, texture paste and embossing.
Testimony - IW - LOVE
Journalling reads :

In reality being married is NOTHING like the fantasy I imagined when I was a young girl, I really believed everything would be wine and roses, the 2.2 perfect children, the lovely house with the white picket fence, the Sunday lunches under the large trees with the kids playing nearby, wonderful meals cooked together, sipping G & T’s watching the sun set as we quietly recount our day, outings to exciting places on the weekends and holidays abroad.
When Simon and I decided to get married we never actually sat down and discussed our feelings on anything to do with love, marriage, children, finances, what we expected from one another or any of the other myriad of things that go hand in hand with marriage. We just decided one day to do it, and do it we did, no pomp, no ceremony just the two of us and our immediate families.
Now 35 years down the line I look back and I really don’t know how the hell we managed, to stay married, raise two amazing kids, grow a business, and build a very good life - but we did, and we are still together. It has been such a roller coaster ride and it has taken a toll on both of us, and sometimes just sometimes I wish that it would just settle down a little bit, but we still don’t have a plan and we are still flying by the seats of our pants and we are still going strong. I often wonder if we would have listened if anyone had tried to tell us what we were in for anyway :D
This is just my kind of love.

See ya all tomorrow.


  1. A grand layout, Val, documenting Valentine's Day! I think your recipe this time was a challenging one, but you did all of us proud! Love your "from the heart" journaling! Mwah!

  2. Great layout Val and love that photo, with the beautiful red background! Love the beautiful blooms and your sentiment! You are truly blessed to have a wonderful family and wonderful husband! The absolute jewels of life! ;-)

  3. fabulous layout, so beautiful :)

  4. Lovely layout. Congrats on your long blessed marriage. We are going for 34 years this year...and boy has it been a ride;-)

  5. Love, love your layout and stories, Val!!! Congratulations on the beautiful family you have!!

  6. This is absolutely beautiful with the red background! Love comes in many packages, what works for some doesn't for others. Seems your pants are wonderfully scuffed in the same places! congrats on your journey together and for all the years to come!! Have fun! xoxo