Saturday, 27 April 2013


Hello everyone,

Hope all of you South Africans are enjoy your Freedom day :)

It is Saturday and I am here with a new Case File from CSI, These case files are so much fun - if you haven't tried one yet you really should go over there and give it a try, and there is so much inspiration there from the DT too. Here is this weeks file...

I went with another sketch from OUAS, they really are so nice to work with.

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme     - I used all the colours.
Evidence   - Flowers, number accents, circles, metal, stripes, ledger paper (Stencil) and jewels.
Testimony -  Document an unlikely friendship.

My journalling reads :
I decided to document an unlikely friendship J and that is the friendship between me and my cell phone. A friendship that, given the technological age we in which we live, is never going to develop... not in this lifetime anyway!
Just about everyone I know owns a cell phone and I get, given the internet, whats app, facebook, twitter, blogs and all the other various means of connecting to people from all over the world, how important this little gadget is and I love the world wide web, and I am the first one to admit that. I love that I have found and reconnected with friends and family from way back when, and the fact that you can dial a number and the next minute, providing the other party answers, you can be talking to someone from the other side of the world.
I got my first cell phone in 1995 – when they first came out here – for my own safety, so that if I broke down, got mugged or was late to fetch kids I could get hold of someone, or call for help. Fabulous! What a great idea in theory but in practice it just means that anyone can get hold of me at any time and for any reason... well they would be able to if I ever answered the dam thing. Most of the time, in fact all of the time, my phone is on silent :P It drives most people I know around the bend that I don’t answer it when it rings, but it is so invasive and so intrusive and all consuming, and the constant beeping of messages, notifications and so on gives me a headache.
Truth is for me cell phones are a huge annoyance. They ring all the time, where ever you are, loud annoying ring tones, then the calls get answered and people conduct their conversations no matter where they are, or what they were doing, no matter what the topic, and you are either an evesdropper (not by choice either) or you are waiting patiently for the call to end so that you can pick up the conversation you were having where you left of... hoping to finish your thought (if you can even remember it by this time) before the next interruption.
Have you ever taken note of how many people on their phones, talking, texting, surfing the web or whatever it is they are doing on it, an any given time in any given place. It amazes me when you see people in a restaurant sitting at a table presumably for a nice meal and some good company and at least half of them are on their phones. Can whatever it is not wait until afterwards... an hour and a half to two hours at the most if it is not a function, or is the company so boring they would rather be posting statuses about the wonderful restaurant they are at and the fabulous food? In the movie houses ... what the hell is that ... if you want to spend the whole time texting what are you doing at the movies. There is nothing more annoying than lights shining all around you.
So the question everyone always asks me is “Why the hell do you even have a phone?” Truth is I don’t know. My DH used to say to me all the time if you don’t answer your phone I will take it away from you... HUH? Like that is a threat... So the one time I gave it to him and said “Here you go, take it. I don’t want it anyway.” J That went down really well. So this little gadget that does everything from wake me up, play me music, keep me connect and could be a lifeline is just an irritation. I am sorry phone L

 Fist of all I used the ledger stencil with some gesso that had some light grey paint added to it, onto the background paper and then dried it. I then used a stamp and some Tim Holtz distress ink to make the coffee mug rings and splats, the big splats were made using my Tim Holtz distress stains.

I used a Martha Stewart punch to create that border and added bling to it at the end. The dark teal blue paper was embossed using my cuttlebug. The banners were made from left overs of the papers.

I cut the phone out of the photo and just used that, and added the flowers to the one side of it and the metal corners. I also used a little piece of  red and white washi tape under the flowers.

Thanks for taking a look.

Friday, 26 April 2013


Hello Everyone,

It is Friday evening which means that there is a new challenge up at Scrap Your Story, and this week it is all about journalling, my favourite thing. You need to include at least two sentences and if it is hidden you need to say where it is and what it says...

Here is my layout for this challenge.

My brother and his family came out here for a holiday from Ireland and while they were here we took the boys to the lion park near here. I managed to get these wonderful photos of a lioness sleeping in a tree.
I used my cuttlebug on the little squares of paper to give them some texture. I also painted some bubble wrap and stamped the image on the green cardstock.

My journalling says :

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

We have lived in Gauteng for twenty nine years and we have never been to the Lion Park. I can't believe that we had such an amazing place right on our doorstep and we had never been there. We changed that last week when the Bennetts were here from Ireland. We thought that the boys would enjoy it and they had a ball. We drove though the four camps and then went to play with some of the cubs. It was fantastic. When we came around the corner in one of the camps we found this lioness sleeping in the tree. She looked so peaceful and comfortable and so unconcerned about anything and I so wanted to trade places with her.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Hello Everyone

Well it is Thursday and I never posted yesterday :( we had a 24 hour power cut. Made me very grumpy, but TT sorted me out and I am my usual charming self again :)

Here is the new sketch over at Let's Scrap, there is also loads of eye candy to be seen in the gallery.

I made a card for a change ... I don't really make many cards anymore and when I do make them I really enjoy them.

The thing I really love about making cards is that you can use stuff from your stash. I used up some left over MME paper which I really liked. I stamped the sentiment in sepia colour ink and then watercoloured the rose and the little bee. I added the mesh and the ribbon and finally the rose and the Memories sentiment. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

I also made a card for a friend of mine, to go with a parcel. I also used left over scraps of cardstock and stamped the saying in black. A quick fun card.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Hello Everyone

I have been scrapping up a storm :)

Debbi Tehrani from CSI is hosting a guest design spot challenge at Soul Scrappers this month. It's another lovely case to crack, and I thought I would play along. Here is the file.

I used this sketch from OUAS, and the theme for the month is "The best day of my life" So I decided to combine the two :)

When I read the case file I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme - I used all of the colours.
Evidence - Banner, gingham, stripes, birds, mixed letters, paint drips, white background, food accent (photo)
Testimony - IW - Celebrate, Document a party.
My journalling is on the back and reads :

The best birthday party I have ever had was celebrated last year in Ireland with my youngest brother and his family. It was August and my birthday is in January and my brothers in February, but we had been talking about our childhood which had not been particularly happy for either of us... I asked him if he ever remembered having a birthday party because for the life of me I could not remember ever having had a birthday party. (I had my first one at 45) I remembered birthdays, and presents but I could not remember a party, where I got to invite my friends, have cake, play games and get presents. He thought about it for a while and he could not remember a party either. We knew that both of our other brothers had 21st birthday parties at home, but when I turned 21 I had already left home and was living far away from my family and by the time my youngest brother got to 21 my mother had passed away many years before and the family was scattered all over Africa, so he never had one either.
My sweet sister in law was horrified listening to us talk, she started to cry and got up and left the room. The next thing we heard was her car start and she drove away. Cliff and I were both very concerned about her and were beginning to really worry when she drove back in about half an hour later and walked straight past us with a bag in her hand. She went into the kitchen and started to unpack the shopping bag.  She had gone to the shops and bought everything that she needed for a birthday party. The yummiest cupcakes, sweets, crisps, champagne, candles, party hats and blowers. She laid the table, and we all sat around it while they sang happy birthday to us and we got to blow out birthday candles. She was horrified to think that a child had gone through life never having had a birthday party and this was her way to make it right, and she did. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me and I will never forget it and I love her so much. I am so blessed to have a sister like her.

While I was at Soul Scrappers I entered the Photo Challenge which was to photograph your pets... I entered two photos - one of my beautiful cat Hansa and the other my baby yorkie Karma... I won with my photo of Karma. If you click on the link you can check out all the entries... I was very happy :)

Thanks for taking a look. Be back tomorrow with the new sketch challenge at Let's Scrap. 

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Hello Everyone

Well it is still pretty cold here but the sun in shining and the birds are busy at the feeder so it is a great day. DH is busy playing on his computer and so I am able to get in some scrappy time... lol like I need it :P

I have been putting all my layouts into their correct albums and I found this one that I did at a class the other night. Yes, I went to my first class in about 10 years :) Kathi - who took the class is an amazing lady and she is such a talented scrapper and I love her layouts and I wanted to get out so I went and played along. Easy scrapping - I didn't have to think about a thing as the layout was already done. All I had to do was go along, drink some wine, have some fun and come home with a layout. So thank you Kathi and all the other ladies who made it so much fun...

Here is the finished layout.

The papers are all from FarmHouse... and I love them. I started with a cream background because I thought it went with the papers better, the photos were of Simon and I with our good friends John and Dee taken at Taste of Joburg day. We had such fun. The weather was gorgeous, the company was fun and the food and drink was plentiful. Just my kind of life. :) 

I added a little cluster in here, just because I could :) and I changed the banners to a mix and sewed the tops of them. Most of the embellishments on the layout apart from the bling and the flowers were all from the same range.

I think the balloons were my favourite part of this paper. They are just so much fun. I fussy cut two of them, diamond glazed some of the panels and raised them up a bit and added a little flower for some pizzaz!

This is the bigger one at the bottom left and I found a few sayings which fit my theme perfectly. I also added some bling to some of the banners.

The title came with the papers as did some of the words. The 'Love My' and 'Memories' and so on.

I did the journalling on the back which says...

What a wonderful day we had at the 'Taste of Joburg Day', just the four of us. The weather was fine, the company was great and the food and drink was plentiful. Just my kind of day, roaming from stall to stall having a little taste of everything. I still have to say that Margaritas are my favourite drink and the fact these were served in 'yard of ale' glasses - yummy. Food - the oysters of course. We did go back there for seconds. I got some wonderful photos... Tell me does it get better than this? I think not!

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Hello Everyone

There is a new case to crack over at CSI, and there is loads of inspiration from the DT on how they solved the case. While you are there you can also see the new DT members, they were announced earlier this week, there is such a diverse bunch of very talented ladies there.

Here is the Case File.

Here is how I solved the case

I used a range of papers from Prima - Sun Kiss collection as it had four of the colours from the palette already, I only had to add the rust red colour. Love it when a plan comes together.

Scheme - I used all of  the colours.
Evidence - Scallops, small brads, flowers, stitching and triangles. (The banners)
Testimony - Add scallops to journalling spot. (The red tag)

Journalling reads:

I love my family and I am so proud of my children, not only because of what they do but because of who they are, and what they value and I look back and think to myself – we must have done something right.
I really wanted to be an earth mother, laid back and free allowing my children the freedom to discover who they were, imparting pearls of wisdom that would guide them effortlessly through life. Well that never really happened because I discovered early on that that kids need discipline and structure, I was not and never would be an earth mother, and I was not wise. Well I wasn’t then and I also came to find out that wisdom really does come with age. What a pity that is.I remember being told once what a lousy mother I was and I remember how angry I was at being told that, I was angry and I was hurt and then in that moment I realised that you do the best you can, at the time, with what you have at your disposal and it is all that you can do. It is so easy to be a Monday morning quarter back after the fact and wish that you had just said this, or done that then the outcome would have been so different. Parenting is a full time job, 24/7, 365 days a year, rain or shine, sickness or health, there is no downtime, no let up and you can’t take your eyes of the ball for even a second.But now I look at my family and I am filled with love and gratitude and a deep sense of accomplishment. We are loving, we are close, we are loud, we fight, we make up, we laugh , we cry, we love and we hate but we do it all together.

Here are some close-ups.

The quote on the front says 'If you're quiet you're not living, you've got to be noisy, colourful and lively' (this describes my family perfectly) 

I used lots of layers and some tags and banners an the stitching.

I added the flowers by Prima which were the perfect colour.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look. :) Have a wonderful weekend. It is cold and rainy and very grey here today. A perfect day to scrap up a storm.

Friday, 19 April 2013


Hello Everyone

It is Friday evening and we have a new challenge for you over at Scrap you Story and this week the challenge is to use stitching on your layout, real  or faux it is up to you. There is lots of inspiration on the blog  from all the DT members, you should check it out.

This week I used a sketch from ScrapFriends. I really love their challenges. Here is the sketch I used.

Here is my layout.

I used kraft card stock because I wanted to use white with it. One of my favourite combos at the moment. The photo is one of my favourite perfumes at the moment. Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and I turned it into a polaroid photo. 

The triangle was made with washi tape a row of stitching and some white lace.. The paint splats were created using my TH distress stains (my all time favourite thing to use) then I added some white rub-ons and some maroon circles and flowers and finished off with the title, butterflies and the saying which says, 

"Women waste so much time wearing no perfume. As for me every step that I have taken in my life I have been accompanied by and exquisite perfume".

Thanks for taking a look and I will be back tomorrow with a new case from CSI.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Hello Everyone

Welcome to Hump Day :)

The New Design Team has had their first reveal over at Let's Scrap I am so happy to be serving another term with some very talented ladies. So without further ado... here is the sketch for this week, and a stunning sketch it is too. Thank you Debby de Wilde.
Here is what I did with the sketch.

I used some very old Basic Grey papers from my stash because the colours were perfect for my photos.

I only had one piece of each paper left so I cut them in half and used one half of each to make up a whole. Gesso was applied to opposite corners of the layout through the chicken wire stencil and then some of the hexagons were coloured in using a water colour pencil and a water brush.

The seam was covered using a border that was cut using an X-cut punch.

I used my Tim Holtz distress stains to create some splats here and there and I also used some of his ideology tickets, tucked into the flowers which are by Prima. I created some banners and mounted them on green cardstock, and used them on opposite corners. I found a little quote that fit perfectly with my theme and it says "One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats"... True that and for me getting flowers is one such small treat. :)

The photos are all double matted and I tied some raffia around the main photo of the flowers. I also added some bling for a little sparkle.

I made up the title from a couple of fonts that I have in my collection and painted them dark brown to make them all the same.

This is probably one of the few sketches that I have not changed radically, but I really love it, and will definitely use it again and again.

My journalling says :

I love flowers - all kinds of flowers and nothing makes me happier than to receive flowers. These arrived a couple of days after we got back from Dad's birthday holiday... his way of saying thank you so much for spoiling me. It was his first online purchase and he was so anxious to know that they were ok so I told him I would take photos and send them to him so he could see for himself. These were the photos I took for him. He really is such a sweetie

Thanks for taking a look...

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Hello Everyone,

Today I have the new case file reveal at CSI, and here is what we have for you this week.

Also included in this weeks case file is another sketch by Em Starface to be incorporated. Here is a close up of just the sketch.

And here is my take on the case.

Scheme    - I used all of the colours.
Evidence  - Stars, use pen and wate rcolour pencils, outline with pen and plain cardstock.
Testimony - Handwritten journalling (the quote on  the front) and journalling on the back..

My Journalling reads:

I found these photos of my kids while rummaging through my father in law's trunk of photo albums. There were only these two of when they were around five and two and I don’t know why but it always makes me catch my breath in amazement when I see just how much these two love each other and just how close they really are. Clint has always been so protective of Storm, always taking her under his wing and making sure that she is ok. You can’t really see the photo behind, because it was such a bad one but I had to use it anyway, but he is looking at her with such love and caring. Storm is the only granddaughter among six grandsons three older, one the same age and two younger and when they were all together Clint always made sure that she was included in their games, holding her hand and making sure that she was not left out or left behind, helping her to understand the rules of engagement. If he got sweets or some treat he would always share them with her, never holding out. It has always been this way for the two of them... them against the world, and they would not have it any other way. They are still the very best of friends and even though now they look out for one another he is still so protective of her, keeping her in his sight all the time.

And here are some close-ups...

First of all I used a new cog stencil that I got from Prima, once it was dry I used my water colour crayons and a water brush to apply some colour to the cogs and then spritzed the layout with an Adirondak colour wash - Expresso. The banners and mats were then put together and I also used a bit of  washi tape just under the photos that has friends on it, and also slid in the bingo cards.

I added two rows of bunting that I sewed together and put my quote here too.

The layout was then finished with some bling on the bunting and some flowers. 

Thanks for taking a look :) have a great weekend.

Friday, 12 April 2013


Hello Everyone
It is Friday night and that means there is a new challenge up at Scrap your Story and this week it is a skectch challenge. I hope that you will play along and you can check out what the DT did with the sketch HERE.

This is the sketch for this week.

Here is my take on the challenge.

I decided to use Kraft paper as my background and I used my brick stencil with some gesso to replicate the bricks in the photos, which I then water coloured too. The papers are from MME and the colours were perfect. I used circles and banners and then added a quote that says "Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory." Seemed fitting for the photos of this old Church in Bristol . I was totally captivated by the beautiful lush ferns growing out of the brickwork. Journalling on the back.

My Journalling reads...

I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination but I do have very strong spiritual views and beliefs. I am drawn to all manner of religious buildings, from cathedrals, to temples and everything in between. For me the one thing that they do all have in common is a sense of peace and tranquility which I find very reassuring and comforting. I found this old church while I was wandering through the streets of Bristol on my last visit. These were the photos that I took. Nothing else. Made me think of new life. :)

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Hello Everyone 

It's Hump Day... OMG I don't know where the time goes...

I have another reveal for you today and it is the last one for this DT term at Let's Scrap. I have enjoyed working with all the girls on the DT for last four months and will miss them. I wish the incoming DT a wonderful new term, designing, making new friends and sharing knowledge. Here is the final sketch for this term.

Here is what I did with it.

I used a new range of papers from Farmhouse and I just love the colours and the slightly distressed look of the papers and thought they would be perfect for these photos taken from a lunch we had when we took my FIL away for his 87th birthday. I loved the brick background paper and so I cut away in a few places to reveal the card stock behind and just used some water colour in those exposed areas. I then went and inked it up a bit with Tim Holtz distress inks just to darken some areas then stamped with a distress stamp and the coffee stains. As you can see my layout doesn't look anything like the sketch but I had more photos to use. (Sorry Debby de Wilde:))

I added a banner in the top left hand corner, and a couple of long pennants at the bottom, I also fussy cut one of the flowers from the reverse side of on of the papers just to bring the blue in. The title was painted with the same colour blue.

I used the same pennants on the top of the right had page. I kept it really simple because I really liked the papers and didn't want to hide them.

My journalling is on the back and says...

All Dad wanted for his birthday this year was to see the sea again. When Simon was a baby they spent 6 months down at St Michael's on Sea which is the beach next door to where we have our holiday home in Uvongo, all he really wanted was to go back to all the places they had been so many years ago. We had already booked him a night at Lords of the Manor which meant the long seven hour trip would be broken up, maybe we could pull this off. We insisted that when we got to the flat that we would get a wheelchair for him, but he was dead against that feeling that it would take away some of his independence. We live on the third floor and it is a really long passage and we knew that he would not manage the walk and so we didn't let up on the issue and we got the wheelchair. It allowed him to come with us everywhere that we went without the worry of getting too tired, oh we had a ball and one of the outings was to take him to lunch at the Waffle house which is one of the most popular restaurants on the South Coast. The ciders were ice cold, the view tranquil and relaxing, the food is decadent and delicious and the company was superb, and he loved every minute of it. Just one of his birthday treats. :)

Thanks for taking a look.