Saturday, 27 April 2013


Hello everyone,

Hope all of you South Africans are enjoy your Freedom day :)

It is Saturday and I am here with a new Case File from CSI, These case files are so much fun - if you haven't tried one yet you really should go over there and give it a try, and there is so much inspiration there from the DT too. Here is this weeks file...

I went with another sketch from OUAS, they really are so nice to work with.

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme     - I used all the colours.
Evidence   - Flowers, number accents, circles, metal, stripes, ledger paper (Stencil) and jewels.
Testimony -  Document an unlikely friendship.

My journalling reads :
I decided to document an unlikely friendship J and that is the friendship between me and my cell phone. A friendship that, given the technological age we in which we live, is never going to develop... not in this lifetime anyway!
Just about everyone I know owns a cell phone and I get, given the internet, whats app, facebook, twitter, blogs and all the other various means of connecting to people from all over the world, how important this little gadget is and I love the world wide web, and I am the first one to admit that. I love that I have found and reconnected with friends and family from way back when, and the fact that you can dial a number and the next minute, providing the other party answers, you can be talking to someone from the other side of the world.
I got my first cell phone in 1995 – when they first came out here – for my own safety, so that if I broke down, got mugged or was late to fetch kids I could get hold of someone, or call for help. Fabulous! What a great idea in theory but in practice it just means that anyone can get hold of me at any time and for any reason... well they would be able to if I ever answered the dam thing. Most of the time, in fact all of the time, my phone is on silent :P It drives most people I know around the bend that I don’t answer it when it rings, but it is so invasive and so intrusive and all consuming, and the constant beeping of messages, notifications and so on gives me a headache.
Truth is for me cell phones are a huge annoyance. They ring all the time, where ever you are, loud annoying ring tones, then the calls get answered and people conduct their conversations no matter where they are, or what they were doing, no matter what the topic, and you are either an evesdropper (not by choice either) or you are waiting patiently for the call to end so that you can pick up the conversation you were having where you left of... hoping to finish your thought (if you can even remember it by this time) before the next interruption.
Have you ever taken note of how many people on their phones, talking, texting, surfing the web or whatever it is they are doing on it, an any given time in any given place. It amazes me when you see people in a restaurant sitting at a table presumably for a nice meal and some good company and at least half of them are on their phones. Can whatever it is not wait until afterwards... an hour and a half to two hours at the most if it is not a function, or is the company so boring they would rather be posting statuses about the wonderful restaurant they are at and the fabulous food? In the movie houses ... what the hell is that ... if you want to spend the whole time texting what are you doing at the movies. There is nothing more annoying than lights shining all around you.
So the question everyone always asks me is “Why the hell do you even have a phone?” Truth is I don’t know. My DH used to say to me all the time if you don’t answer your phone I will take it away from you... HUH? Like that is a threat... So the one time I gave it to him and said “Here you go, take it. I don’t want it anyway.” J That went down really well. So this little gadget that does everything from wake me up, play me music, keep me connect and could be a lifeline is just an irritation. I am sorry phone L

 Fist of all I used the ledger stencil with some gesso that had some light grey paint added to it, onto the background paper and then dried it. I then used a stamp and some Tim Holtz distress ink to make the coffee mug rings and splats, the big splats were made using my Tim Holtz distress stains.

I used a Martha Stewart punch to create that border and added bling to it at the end. The dark teal blue paper was embossed using my cuttlebug. The banners were made from left overs of the papers.

I cut the phone out of the photo and just used that, and added the flowers to the one side of it and the metal corners. I also used a little piece of  red and white washi tape under the flowers.

Thanks for taking a look.


  1. Great coffee rings & that bg stencil is wonderful!!! Oh yes, the love hate relationship we have with our phones ... Wonderful case file solving, Val:):):)

  2. Lol...I feel the same about my phone!!! Great case solving on this LO!!!

  3. I agree COMPLETELY! Phones are something we can't live without, but boy we should! Love your layout and the sentiment.

  4. Don't hold back, Val...tell us how you really feel! ;-) I feel the same way, I definitely do! I, at appropriate times, silence my phone and then don't turn it back to ring for days at a time! Ha! The other annoying thing is when I do use my phone and place a call that is not answered, I leave a detailed message...then get a call back stating, "You called..." No one bothers to listen to my message! Grrrr! OK, on to your detailed layout! I have to admit that I really like to color palette on this one! Also love that border punch and added bling. But, what I really, really like is that ledger stencil, gesso, coffee mug rings and splats! I guess I am into the "amenities" on this one, Val! Another absolutely fun, tell-it-like-it-is layout! You go, Girl!

  5. You will find a lot of people that agree with you on your stance about the intrusion and advantages of mobile phones. Love the sketch and I had trouble with the navy on this case file too :)

  6. your layout and can completely agree with your sentiment! Many people call me and get really annoyed that I don't those close to me have got to know that I will call them back when I eventually look at my cellphone! It's at the bottom of my bag and mostly remains there!!!! Love your layout and the gesso and your styling! Fabulous page as always!! ;-)

  7. Beautiful layout! And I totally agree with the whole cell phone thing. I can't stand when people are glued to their phone instead of paying attention to real life! Anyways, great layout!