Saturday, 20 April 2013


Hello Everyone

There is a new case to crack over at CSI, and there is loads of inspiration from the DT on how they solved the case. While you are there you can also see the new DT members, they were announced earlier this week, there is such a diverse bunch of very talented ladies there.

Here is the Case File.

Here is how I solved the case

I used a range of papers from Prima - Sun Kiss collection as it had four of the colours from the palette already, I only had to add the rust red colour. Love it when a plan comes together.

Scheme - I used all of  the colours.
Evidence - Scallops, small brads, flowers, stitching and triangles. (The banners)
Testimony - Add scallops to journalling spot. (The red tag)

Journalling reads:

I love my family and I am so proud of my children, not only because of what they do but because of who they are, and what they value and I look back and think to myself – we must have done something right.
I really wanted to be an earth mother, laid back and free allowing my children the freedom to discover who they were, imparting pearls of wisdom that would guide them effortlessly through life. Well that never really happened because I discovered early on that that kids need discipline and structure, I was not and never would be an earth mother, and I was not wise. Well I wasn’t then and I also came to find out that wisdom really does come with age. What a pity that is.I remember being told once what a lousy mother I was and I remember how angry I was at being told that, I was angry and I was hurt and then in that moment I realised that you do the best you can, at the time, with what you have at your disposal and it is all that you can do. It is so easy to be a Monday morning quarter back after the fact and wish that you had just said this, or done that then the outcome would have been so different. Parenting is a full time job, 24/7, 365 days a year, rain or shine, sickness or health, there is no downtime, no let up and you can’t take your eyes of the ball for even a second.But now I look at my family and I am filled with love and gratitude and a deep sense of accomplishment. We are loving, we are close, we are loud, we fight, we make up, we laugh , we cry, we love and we hate but we do it all together.

Here are some close-ups.

The quote on the front says 'If you're quiet you're not living, you've got to be noisy, colourful and lively' (this describes my family perfectly) 

I used lots of layers and some tags and banners an the stitching.

I added the flowers by Prima which were the perfect colour.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look. :) Have a wonderful weekend. It is cold and rainy and very grey here today. A perfect day to scrap up a storm.


  1. Lovely papers...great sentiments...soooo true!!! The being the best Mum you can at the time, I mean - & I really, really like the little bit of cross stitching:):):)

  2. Looking at your family photos I'll have to say I think you did quiet well as a 'lousy' mother Val!!! Love your family and your art works!!!

  3. Val, you know that I am a big fan of your work, yes? And you also know that I always have something to say, yes? Well, today, I have not words--only tears!

  4. You know that no Mother has ever been perfect don't you? We all have said and done things, which now, we understand could have been done differently. But you stayed the course, grew older and wiser, as we all to and your family is living proof of your success. Well done Val...take a bow :)

  5. Whoops...typo in there "as we all do"

  6. perfect journalling and photo :) lovely work

  7. sensational piece of art Val, and love that pic, you all look so happy and YOU look beautiful xoxo

  8. Oh that agree with every thing you said and yes I wanted to be the perfect Mother too...and I look back now and I made so many mistakes, which ofcourse I didn't know at the time! And I love the quote..noisy and colourful..thats us. I quite often get told to not be so loud when I am playing with the Grandies! i love you layout and I always think we must have done a reasonable job as parents, cause they keep coming back!! LOL

  9. Ohhh how I can relate, Val. I was going to be an earth mother too! Complete with a drug-free labor and delivery. (I wish you could hear how hard I am laughing as I type that...clearly I was deranged. ) Sunshine and butterflies and peace and love and happiness 24/7 is great in theory (communism sounds great in theory too but look how well that worked out)...but then real life steps in and you realize that in order to raise your babies to have the life skills necessary for them to thrive in this world you HAVE to have the discipline and the structure…and you have to show your kids that everyone screws up sometimes...even their mama. xoxo

  10. Super page and the journalling is just the best! Love the sentiment and I know from your pages, that you are indeed a good Mother! You are the best Mother for your children! Love the details and the styling... a stunning page! ;-)