Friday, 17 May 2013


Hi there everyone,

I didn't think that I was going to get time to do this case file but I managed to squeeze it in this morning and I got it done :) If you have not taken part in any of these challenges they are a whole lot of fun you should take a look at CSI and give it a go. Here is the case file for this week which closes on Sunday evening.

This is the sketch to be used for this week's layout. Another one by the amazing Em Starface. Her layouts are just so nice to work with.

Here is what I managed to do with it all, after a loss of mojo - which is not nice :(

I knew exactly what photos I wanted to use for this layout and even the song which is Bicycle by Caroline... no big hit but the words were perfect for me. Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme     - all of the colours are there.
Evidence   - Bicycles, circles, birds, doodling.
Testimony - Song title/lyrics as inspiration.

My journalling (which is on the back of the layout) reads :

I can't remember your face but I remember your bicycle how it took my breath away. When we went racing down our favourite street I tried to catch up with you. I can't remember many things but I remember your bicycle how it took my breath away... the words of this song Bicycle by Caroline seemed perfect for this week’s case file. I love to take photos of things and pretty things in particular and one of my favourite things is bicycles. What fun I had in Amsterdam with all the bikes. I had never seen so many in one place in my life, old ones, new ones, big ones, small ones, loved ones and abandoned ones, colourful ones and plain ones. There were bicycles everywhere, they even had parkade parking for bikes – three stories high, I sat for hours watching all the people go about their day on their bicycles, going to and from work, dropping off and fetching kids, men in suits and sweats and women in dresses and jeans. High heels and flats, smart shoes and trainers it didn’t matter. It fascinated me. It took me back to my childhood, riding to school each day, meeting friends at the crossroads and all riding together, up hills and down hills the wind in our faces and I wanted to feel that freedom again. So why didn’t I do it? What was I so afraid of? That I would fall off? SO... Instead I took my camera and wandered the streets taking photos of all the bikes. It was heaven. We are going back to Amsterdam in a month’s time and this time we are going to do a bike ride, just the four of us.

Here are a couple of close ups.

I mounted the banner onto grey cardstock, fussy cut the birds from the co-ordinates that come with each case file. The top banner is also from the co-ordinates. I did lots of doodling on all the cardstock and added a flower to the point of the banner.

The bicycle in the circle was cut from Theresa Collins paper, and the bottom one was cut on my silhouette. The arrows are chippies covered with card stock.

My Storm is back home safe and sound after a trip to Amsterdam with her boyfriend Jason, he got the trip through his company and was allowed to take a partner. They had a ball and I have some stunning photos to scrap again. I am so glad she had this opportunity and I am so glad that we are going back again as a family.

I will be back later with the post for Scrap your Story. The DT term ends at the end of May and I am retiring, I just have too much on my plate until after I get back in July and then I will reassess.


  1. Lovely journaling! Happy holidays in a month's time ! have a whale of time!

  2. Ah love this Val...and the photo's are soooo great! This reminds me so much of Austria, where every person also has a bike, even if to go down to the local for a pint! Great page and love the cute birdies.....!!

  3. Another great layout, Val! This sketch, in my opinion, is over the top in originality. I have absolutely never seen one even similar to it before and, perhaps, that is why you didn't stray to far from it! Love the comments on the shoes of the bikers in Amsterdam! Made me smile. Bravo!

  4. Oh those photos are wonderful Val & lovely layout. glad to hear you have your daughter back safe!