Thursday, 29 August 2013


Hello Everyone :D

Today I have lots of news for you... first of all the new DT has been announced over at Let's Scrap

Our Administrators starting the 1st of September are:
Debby de Wilde
Cathy van de Bruinhorst
Jeaunes Viljoen
Val Thorpe
Our new Design Team for the next 4 months of fun filled inspiration will be:
Narelle Fasulo
Andrea Green
Sheyla Rampon
Ada Nicholls
Carol Burger
Constance Bolander
Bridgie Myburgh
Michelle Looi
Calla Rusch
Janet Musto
Sharon Bessinger
Lori Apgar
Jen Leeflang
Stephanie Yates
Hanne Sinkerud
Linda King
Merisa Calitz
Ezme Hartman
Whoot Whoot.. Congrats to all the ladies.. now hold on to your hats it's going to be a fun 4 months!! 
CONGRATULATIONS to all of you I know you are going to have an awesome term. Here is the last sketch for the outgoing DT created by Debby de Wilde.

Here is my take on the sketch. Yes I did change the sketch again to better suit my layout... but you can still see the sketch. 

A couple of weeks ago I went to a class give by Denise van Deventer at a little shop in Edenglen called Village Scrapper owned by Ansie Saaiman and while I was there I saw a kit of hers that she put together for the Scrap Africa patchwork challenge and I just loved the look of it so I bought it. When I took these photos of Clint and Lin I knew that I wanted to use that kit... Well, it started off that way... using the diamonds and the little chippie bricks and then it went pear shaped but I still love how it turned out and the reaction of my son and DIL when they saw it was so worth it. This is why I do what I do :D

The journalling (on the back) reads:

I don’t think that there is anyone more beautiful than a pregnant woman. They get this glow and air of smug satisfaction about them – like the cat that got the cream - that no-one else can replicate. This will also the best nine months of your life because...
‘I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT’... is a valid excuse that goes un-challenged, by everyone. NO-ONE argues with a pregnant woman because you will NEVER win. :D Use it freely and often. You will not regret it.
This is the only time in your life that you don’t have to ‘suck it in’, you will be happy putting on weight and being able to eat what you like, when you like, and you can just blame it on the babies, and you get to eat for three not just two – how nice is that :D
People will offer you their seats and also to carry stuff for you, wait for you to cross the street in traffic, skip the queue in the loo... let them... sit back and enjoy it :D
You get to cry just because you want to without having to give a valid reason for it... just blame it on the babies.
People can’t help looking at your stomach and smiling... watch... they just do.  Everyone loves a pregnant woman and is fascinated by a baby belly, and not only humans but cats and dogs too – they just seem to know and they are drawn to it, too this miracle of life.
You can, and you must, take naps, anytime, anywhere, anyplace... lots of naps, trust me you will wish you had taken advantage of this one once they arrive :D
You get to name another human, in your case two ... they get to walk around with this name forever, you also get to dress them *wicked grin*. Know as well that I get to dress them :D
You can buy new clothes and it’s not about hiding your flaws it is about flaunting them. Wear your baby belly like a flag, for all to see, enjoy the changes in your body.
You will love the extra attention you get, foot rubs (?), neck massages, breakfast in bed, gifts and support, from friends and family.
Know that today you did the most spectacular job of all us – you are making a little human, in your case two little humans, that is an amazing and continuous sense of accomplishment.
This time is going to fly by faster than you can imagine so enjoy every minute of it... the good times and the not so good times, you will relish the feel of your babies squirming inside of you, your special communication with them that no-one else is a part of.
You will witness the way Clint changes before your eyes once those babies start to move, and he will pull a star out of the sky for you if he can. Talk to them every day, read to them or tell them your hopes and dreams for them, they will hear you. You will spend hours wondering what these little people will look like and who they will take after, beautiful daydreams.
The anticipation of meeting these babies is like Christmas, holidays, and birthdays all rolled into one. Enjoy this time because the first time is so new and exciting and a little scary. Don’t feel guilty about wanting a nice room for them, pretty clothes, a good pram. Get the best that you can and enjoy creating this loving, safe home for them.
These tiny beings are so loved already <3

Here are some close-ups...

I added some peach and orange diamonds to the mix for a splash of colour. and tucked a doily behind the photo and under the title... the quote says:
'There is such  a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.'  Pamela S Nadav
I made the enamel dots with nail varnish on a teflon mat. Works pretty well. I also added some chippie leaves behind the big orange flower.

There is another flower at the bottom and I added a big metal 'inspire' brad next to it. I also added a couple of photo turns. All of the embellishments were given a quick coat of gesso  and the bricks were just inked with dark brown ink.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look I always appreciate it and I love reading the comments that you leave. :D


  1. Beautiful mom! Your journal's get me every time!

  2. Beautiful layout...wonderful journal...marvelous tlc Mom and sporting+understanding M-I-L =D

  3. Fantabulous! Love your journaling and I'm going to try that with nail varnish (only got pink so pink enamel dots it is lmao)I can feel your excitement for the babies to arrive, make the most of your peace too as after they arrive it's all systems go for us Grans . . . . .Tx

  4. Sooo true! Nothing like a pregnancy to make the world smile! And I ADORE your diamonds & bricks....the colour combo is really unusual, & it works a treat:):):) Congrats to the NEW DT, too:):):)

  5. fantastic Val ... love it all !!!! hugz

  6. Congrats on making the team will be your page. The colours are lovely together, the diamonds and flowers look fab. And from one journal junkie to another...your loving words are the icing on the top :)

  7. Congratulations Val, so pleased you're on the team!! I so love this page Val. It was obviously made with a lot of love. The colours are fabulous, love that bit of orange you threw in and the journalling is so true and so heartwarming. Can't wait to see your first 'baby' pages. They will be awesome too!! oxox

  8. Congrats Val!! Love your layout with this weeks sketch!!

  9. Once again I loved reading your story...ever thought of writing a book???You have such away with words...Beautiful photos and great page design!

  10. Congratulations Val on making the team! Love this layout! Such a special time to scrap and as usual love your journaling!

  11. totally LOVE the diamond background!

  12. Congrats on your administrative DT extension! Welcome to the world of organising things behiind the scenes!! It is a lot of work but also really fun and exciting. Great documentation and double-pager too ;)

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  14. Congrats Val!! So deserved and I LOVE the layout, so precious!!

  15. This is just beautiful, Val! So full of truth and experience and down-right glee and encouragement and, well, the list goes on! What a wonderful time for your family! I am thrilled!