Friday, 2 August 2013


Hello Everyone

CSI and Scrap 365 have teamed up to create some very special case files, starting this month and then every other month thereafter. Please go to  CSI and check it out and you have the whole of August to play along.

Here is the case file.

Here is the layout that I created.

Here is how I solved the case.

Scheme    - all the colours are there.
Evidence  - Map, stripes, metal, dashed lines, photo corners, circles, leather, something clear (little pebble).
Testimony - Topic - Road Trip.

The quote on the layout says:
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live full the life you have imagined. 
On the photo I typed:
A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving... Lao Tzu
My jounaling (on the back of the layout) says...

For me there was nothing more terrifying than being on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road and in a manual...and everyone who has every been to Europe KNOWS how narrow the roads are when you get out into the country. When Simon said Storm and I would have to entertain ourselves for the weekend of the grand prix I said 'NO PROBLEM'... but I didn't bank on being in a little town of 600 people in the middle of nowhere, with absolutely nothing to do - FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND! Well, that wasn't going to happen - so out came google and we searched the area for things to do. I grabbed the keys and we made a dash for the car before my nerves failed me. I sat behind the wheel paralysed with fear. I DID NOT HAVE MY LICENCE WITH ME... What if we got stopped by the police. What if we had an accident. WELL - what if we just stayed at home and wasted the whole weekend away. So the big girl panties were put on and after a very tentative start we were off. We had a fabulous time. We explored the area and a couple of the towns, some castles and loads of churches (like this little one in the photo) which was at a fork in the road, close by and thank goodness there was so little traffic. I have to tell you even though we had a wonderful time it was positively hair raising. I also have to tell you that the Eiffel region of Germany is just so beautiful and had we not gone out we would have missed it all.

The papers I used are Bazzill cardstock and map paper from Heidi Swapp - worldwide collection.

Here are some closeups of my layout...

I actually did some stamping and clear embossing on the yellow paper but because it has a shimmer to it it just doesn't show up, which is a shame because it is very pretty. I made the banner tags using the map paper and topped with a circle stamped with a lovely scratchy stamp I have, and I also stamped the postage stamps and added the little teal flower.

On the sided I added some torn bits of travel washi tape and added some of the map paper to a clear pebble. I also stamped a compass here to create a little cluster. The bits and pieces tucked into to sides of the photo and photo mats are all bits of paper I had in my box that were the right colours for this case file. I stamped the ticket onto one of the bits of paper too.

The punched strip comes from the Heidi Swapp paper and I used my Martha Stewart punch for the design. I layered this with more travel washi tape and a strip of the teal leather.. I love the quote of this stamp and it just seemed perfect for my layout. 

I had this chippie sign post in my stash and so I just stamped a woodgrain pattern in chestnut ink onto it then wrote the names of the towns around us on it. I also added the flowers and the title which I also left untreated. All of the tags and banners and bits and pieces were doodled on with the dashed lines.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look, I really appreciate your support.


  1. I have to say, Val, this month is going to be slacko month over here! Haven't done ONE page since it started...dunno what happened last month...still putting up some that I did then!!! Anyways, I LOVE this & go you...I would never be able to drive OS & my favest bit is that chippy sign post..& I have one of those...never used it:):) YET!!!Thanks for the inspo...soooo hope to get back to CSI - I miss doing them:):)

  2. certainly were very brave, Val! Although I think if I was in the same situation, I'd have done the same thing (yet sitting here thinking of it as a hyperthetical...I'm saying to myself, I couldn't do that!!) I'm so glad that you've journaled it all on the back of the layout too...what a story for the Grandkids one day!! We are off to Ireland later this year, and I'm just so grateful that they drive on the same side of the road as us!!! LOL

    Anyways...on to your layout. It is utterly gorgeous - I love these soft colours together & that you've used papers, stamps etc with a travelling theme. And I have to agree with Lizzy...that signpost is just too it all!

  3. Oh what a story and I so relate to it Val. We picked up a car at Orly airport and I had to drive out of Paris. Not because I'm the better driver, but because I'm a hopeless navigator. Terrifying is the word. Good on you...I have this picture in my mind of you with your Bombay bloomers on the outside, going hell for leather down the road. Your page is the banners and the stamping. How perfect is the stamp? maybe you didn't go confidently, but you went...Bravo

  4. Love the story Val, you were so brave. Not sure if I would have been. Your layout is fabulous!! Love the banners from the map paper and the road sign is soo cute!! Love those soft colurs too. Beautiful!! ox

  5. Beautiful page Val and love the stylong on this page, plus the super stamping! The story is super too and I had to laugh...I think anyone who has been to Europe has experienced this one way or another! I remember driving through the country lanes of Cornwall and realising that the Cornish drivers are absolutely nerves were shot and they didn't even bat an eye! ;-)

  6. SO lovely Val! I do admire scrappers who can produce such perfect work!! Mine is always messy :)

  7. SOOOO lovely! Such a beautiful page indeed! You are just too fab!

  8. One of these days Val I am going to take the plunge and do one of these case files. I am so thankful you share all you work with us. It is truly inspiring!

  9. Quite the "adventure" even before your adventure started! Love the softness of this color palette, Val!