Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Hello Everyone

I know this post is late but with very good reason - all will be revealed :D

I have a new case file from CSI and this week the colours are just amazing...

This week I am teaming this case file up with the challenge over at OUAS, and  here is their sketch together with their journalling theme which is "I'll never forget"...and that was perfect for my layout. Love it when a plan comes together.

Here is my layout.

and... that is why this post is late ... Clint and Lin wanted to make sure that they got past the 12 week mark. I saw the video with the twins moving and their heartbeats... was so amazing.

So here is how I solved the case.

Scheme - The colours are all there.
Evidence - Tags, something clear (heart), decorative brads, decorative border.
Testimony - Hand write story in cursive.
Jounalling (on the back of the layout in the form of a letter) reads:

I will never forget this moment. Not even if I live to be 100. I am going to be a granny to twins... I never saw that one coming :D
So many emotions - where to start?
The look of pure joy, total shock and absolute incredulousness that swept over your face in a single instant was a sight to behold. You are my boy and now you are going to have kids of your own, and I just know that you are going to be an awesome dad. You are taking your responsibilities seriously but still injecting your wicked sense of humour in wherever you can. I am so proud of you.
I would like to tell you that being a parent is a wonderful thing, once you get past all the gross stuff, all the stressful events, the loss of privacy, and the bewildering numbers of ways you can screw it up and it does get easier, trust me.
Cherish your time with them. One thing that will amaze you is how quickly the years will fly. The time you have with them is short and precious — make the most of it, always.
Share responsibilities – these are your kids too. Get involved in everything, and share the load with your baby mama.
Kids like making decisions. Your job is to allow, in fact to encourage, them to make decisions, but within the parameters that you set.
A little patience goes a long way. That means you may need to take a deep breath, or a long walk, when you start to lose it. That’s okay!
A sense of humour is required, in fact if you want to stay sane it is mandatory :D
Read to them, every day even if it is just a page, it will create a bond between you, and it will open up a whole world of understanding and comprehension for them.
Don’t be the absent dad. Be involved in their lives as much as you can. This will mean more to them than anything that you can give or buy them.
Let them play. Just let them play, and make things up, and have fun. Spark their imagination, whatever they can dream they can achieve.
Learn the firm “NO!”. Parents who don’t set boundaries are going to have children with behaviour problems. Which leads to bigger problems later on. Nothing wrong with NO!
Model good behavior. It is one thing to tell your children what they should do, but to say one thing and do another just ruins the message. Instead, be the behavior you would like your children to learn.
Treat their mother with respect, ALWAYS. This will teach them how to treat others.
Let them be themselves. Love your child for who he is, not who you want him to be.
Teach them independence from an early age this will stand them in good stead later on.
Never be afraid to say you’re sorry when you are wrong and lastly, love conquers all. It really does.

Here are some close-ups of my layout. I use papers from Theresa Collins and stuck to the aqua's, with just little bits of the orange and yellow.

 I layered up my papers with doilies and tucked in a Heidi Swapp plastic heart. The clock is from Theresa Collins too.

I punched a decorative border and also used the chipboard scallop from the sheet. The bling was from my stash. The  letters are Enmarc.

I went to decorex with Clint and Lin last weekend and I found this gorgeous swirly stencil which I had to try out... goes the same way as the bling and is very subtle with the white on white. I added the little love charm too.

I added another clock, brad and quote on this side of the layout too.

This layout was made with a lot of love. Thanks for stopping by to take a look and I want you to know how much I appreciate the comments that you leave. I love to read them.


  1. Big big big congrats Val, I believe grandchildren changes you life forever!!! You are going to be a great gran. And your layout is stunning and I love the journalling!!

  2. Awwww...huge congrats, Val & family...that is such awesome news! Your layout is beautiful....I love these TC papers and all the embellies you've used. Brilliant work!

  3. HUGE HUGE congrats! I am so happy for you and your family. Your journalling brought tears to my eyes..WIshing you all the very best :) XOXO

  4. Double congrats to you & your family!! Exciting times ahead!! Enjoy this very special journey . . . those little ones will change your life forever!! Beautiful page and AMAZING journaling!! Hugs to you!

  5. Twins!!! Oh huge congrats Val...I only know you through FB, but I'm certain they will be such loved little bundles by all of you...Love, love your words of wisdom to your son, how blessed is he to have you in his life!!!

  6. congrats!!! what awesome news!!!
    love and huggz
    Jen Leeflang

  7. congrats to you beautiful, you will be such an awesome granny, and twins too ... such fun x
    being a twin myself , twins have a language all of their own and you will learn the 'twin talk' I am sure ... he he he

  8. Oh Val, your layout is beautiful, the sketch, the soft take on the palette and the lovely photos; but it's your joyous news and your tender words to your son which really steal the show. I understand the excitement you feel and know you will be a wonderful Granny. Before ours arrived I had no concept of the delight they would be; they truly are the icing on the cake of life. So happy for you :D

  9. Oh WOW, that is awesome Val, you will make one awesome Granny. Love, love the LO simply beautiful...!!!

  10. Really liked your page! It's so concise and harmonious. Great work.

  11. That is wonderful news!! Big congrats Val! I am so happy for you! Beautiful layout too!

  12. OMG how EXCITING!!! Congrats to the parents to be and to you and your hubby, Val! Twins! The very thought makes me want to faint! LOL Gorgeous layout and perfect words of wisdom! :D

  13. Congrats Grandma!He he he...can you believe are going to be a Grandma! A rather glamorous one at that! ;-) Super, beautiful page and as always the journalling so awesome and I am sure will one day be read by these 2 little one's!
    Blessings and health sent to Lin and these baba's! Fabulous, fabulous page! ;-))

  14. Oh my word!
    Congratulations! wow, what special words of advice and to live by. So true in so many ways.

  15. Twins is GOOOOOD...means there'll always be one around awake to hold & cuddle:):):)!!!!!!!!!And have you decided on your 'name' yet..that was my favest part....BIG congrats to your son & partner....& will hope & pray it all goes easily.....& your LO...oh, yeah, FINALLY get to that is just awesome - the little sentiments that make the meaning, like the heart & those TC brads...gorgeous...& that swirl you picked up is really, really nice...but of course, you & Helen W can 'fight' it out on being the Journaling Queen...or maybe you're just TWINS of a different kind...cos that is all I wanted to say to my boy. And never did....I should just print this out & hand it over, methinks. Go Oma/Granny/Mam/Ma/Nan/Nanny/Grandmother:):):):)

  16. This layout is 50/50, Val! So, I guess that needs a bit of interpretation. Sometimes, it's your layout that resonates with me. Other times, it all about the journaling. But, this time, it's 50% layout and 50% journaling. Your layout is so strong that it could stand alone. Not even journaling is required to interpret this layout! Then, there is the journaling. It is a love letter to your son, and can definitely stand alone, as well. But, together, they are unstoppable! You have created a masterpiece, Val. I take it as a "whole," and devour it with grandmotherly pleasure! Congratulations to your family!

  17. Wow! Val, what absolutely wonderful news, and what a very precious time this is going to be for you and your family. I remember how I felt when my son had his first child and it still brings a happy tear to my eye. You are so going to cherish every single moment. Your layout is so gorgeous, it simply shines with love and your journaling, well, I can't put it any better than what Kay said, it is a love letter to your son and it is so heartwarming. Love everything about this page, it is simply and totally beautiful!!!! I wish you and your family lots of love and my warmest congratulations. ox

  18. What fantastic news Val! congratulations to you and your family! I know you will be the bestest granny there is. Beautiful beautiful words to your son, chiming in with Kay hear hear! Almost forgot to tell you how much I love your page in the excitement over the baby. It is is GORGEOUS!! xoxo

  19. This is totally beautiful! Fab new, fab layout! Congratulations granny Val!

  20. SUCH a beautiful layout! My favourite from you ever!! Love the white base, the soft colours and the beautiful attention to detail. Absolutely wonderful news too. Big congratulations!!

  21. Congrats Val!!! That's awesome and this layout is so BEAUTIFUL!!

  22. First of all...a HUGE congratulations.. and twins! I love your layout and your journaling is so good it should be given to every new father...such fantastic words of wisdom!

  23. Val this is gorgeous and such an exciting moment to preserve in a scrapbooking layout. Fabulous work and perfect for the challenge.