Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Hello Everyone,

Happy Hump Day! Yes! We are halfway through another week and on Saturday I have been home a month from holiday already... we are going to be going into Spring on September 1st and before we know it it is going to be Christmas again... How many of you have already started your Christmas shopping already?  Ok so now that I have you breathing into a brown paper bag I am going to show you my new layout for Let's Scrap... It is Wednesday so they have a new reveal today... so why not pop on over and take a look at all the inspiration from our fabulous DT.. you can find them HERE.

This is the sketch for this week...

This is a very cool sketch I think - but having said that I did make a few adjustments to suit my photos  :D
Here is my layout.

I used red and aqua which is my favourite colour combo at the moment, I think that they really pack a punch. The cardstock is Bazzill and the Heart paper is one of Heidi Swapps which has the red hearts with fine aqua squares on it. Because the colours were so vibrant I didn't want to cram the layout full so I kept it really simple.

I flipped the right had page, just because it looked better this way than the other way. I used a thick perspex mat instead of two more photos - which I didn't have. I use an aqua mister to colour the plastic and then I used perfect pearls to create the little aqua beads... I also wrote on the perspex. Other than that all I added was some ribbon and a quote that says "Just a glimpse of what matters the most."

My journaling (one the back) reads:

Turning 50 was no big deal for me, I felt the same and I looked the same, a little heavier and a little older but then again I was wasn't I, so for me it was just another birthday and I thought 50's - this is going to be a breeze, I don't know what all the fuss is about.

55 however was another story altogether I had developed allergies to hair colour and had to stop colouring my hair, then it was nail product and I had to stop with my gorgeous long nails, then it was makeup and so I stopped wearing makeup - except for really special occasions. The reactions were just not worth it. I remember waking up on my birthday and looking in the mirror - just staring at this other person... Who was she, I didn't recognise her at all? What happened to the glamorous lady that was there before? Where had she gone? I saw a tear slide down her cheek and wept bitterly - OMG I was not ready to be old. I was going to be one of those old ladies, grey hair, wrinkles, no makeup, short nails and next would be the sensible shoes and house dresses. NOW the pity party really started. My kids had left home and didn't need me anymore. Simon had a successful business that kept him really busy and I had put my whole life of hold for this ungrateful family of mine who thought that they could just forget about me now. Boy then did I get a shock when I looked in the mirror again, now this old lady had puffy red eyes and a runny nose as well...

Then I got angry - stop feeling sorry for yourself I told my mirror image, get a hold of yourself and do something about it if you don't like it. You are the only one who can change it.  I took a deep breath and got into the shower and as I talked myself off a ledge I realised that this was all just part of the cycle of life. We are born, we grow up, we get old and we die... and either I could wallow in my self pity or I could make the best of a crappy situation but whatever happened I was not going down without a fight. 

Later that day a friend, who is a photographer, phoned to wish me a happy birthday and I told her what had happened and she suggested I got to her and we do a photo shoot... I did my hair, put on my makeup, packed up my clothes and went to her house... we spent about three hours taking all kinds of photos, had loads of laughs and I felt much better. When I got the photos a couple of days later I was delighted with the results... Not bad for a 50 something mommy.

What I did realise is that there are some things that you just have to accept and some things you just have to let go. I do feel sad sometimes still when I look in the mirror and wonder why but for the most part I am ok with getting older... I am still young at heart and I have learned that a big personality goes a long way...

Thanks for stopping by to take a look. Happy Hump Day!


  1. What a "hottie," Val! You are so very beautiful both inside and out. I am so happy that you did this layout--and am sure your wonderful husband is, too! ;-)

  2. I never wear make-up on a daily basis(could not be bothered!) will not colour my hair (too expensive - wouild eat the stash budget)...going gracefully grey and have no time for nails as they are always in the paint! I see yousaid you will join us over at WOYWW...Wednesday is almost over...hurry, hurry, hurry! post your page and link up

  3. What a great layout Val! Love the phtos & the colours too. Here here to that journaling. I have had to accept wearing trousers for the rest of my life (for the last 15 years!) since I had my 3rd child, due to varicose veins developed during pregnancy. 2 failed major surgeries later I'm used to my trousers & jeans & couldn't care less!

  4. And AMEN to that! I think that's what I went through at 50, though....& the benefits of getting older are NO pressure on looks...cos who's looking anyway, & I LOOOVE being a it's all swings & roundabouts! LOOOVE your colour combo & those hearts looks magical:):):)

  5. Wow...stunning photos that you used your mood to document how you were feeling and get these wonderful photos. The colour combo is vibrant and just snap, crackles and fizzes off the page! I love the little puched heart off set with bling. Now that I no longer work, I love the freedom of not having to wear make up and like Belinda, I gave up dying my hair to have more money for scrap book products. Your journalling is poignant and shows an acceptance of self just the way you are. TFS

  6. STunning photos and layout! Your journaling, needless to say, it's all about self acceptance. YOU did a beautiful job inside out.

  7. Val, you are gorgeous! Love those photos. I am totally with you in regards to short hair, no makeup, short nails. I have never really been into looks though. I am way too busy living life to mess with all that facade stuff, LOL! Thankfully I have a lovely husband who tells me I am just as beautiful without makeup as with. Well if I don't need to put all that on to impress him, then exactly who am I trying to impress. Ok, I'll get off my rant...LOL. Lovely page and I love the punch of colors together. Good for you for pulling yourself out of the miseries.

  8. You are Beautiful Val, inside and out!!! Love that you were willing to share your journaling. Been there, done that, wait till you get to sixty!!! I'm totally grey ... like the other girls said, there are better things to spend money on but my biggest regret ... I can't wear high heels any more. Your layout is just gorgeous ... love the colour combo ... and you made it look like so much fun!!! Love it!! ox

  9. Your layout, photos and YOU are gorgeous, Val...and I love your attitude and journaling on this topic that will effect us all in some way, as some time or other. Fabulous layout and packed with punch colour combo :)

  10. Hehehe.. you made me giggle.. I hope i look this good when I am 50..But what is amazing is your attitude . Well done. I could take a page out of your book :) Thank you always for the lovely words on my blog. You made laugh again today LOL! XOXO

  11. Love what you've done with the sketch! Beautiful layout!!

  12. Val you're stunning just as you are! You make fifty something look easy :-)

  13. Wowsers Val, I hope I look as good at 55!! ;-) You sure clean up good!!!! ;-) Your page is wonderful and is certainly a celebration of who you are! You are a darling of a lady, with a HUGE personality! Beautiful you and beautiful page!