Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Hello Everyone

I thought I would share with you my first mixed media canvas. I went to a class that Denise van Deventer was holding on Saturday in Edenglen, I hardly ever go to a class and I had forgotten how nice it is to go and just copy something without having to think about anything. I had such a fun time.

I was first introduced to mixed media ANYTHING when I first joined CSI at the end of last year. The first thing that struck me was "I may have to get my hands dirty for this thing", and for those that know me know that my hands, and more importantly my nails, are my pride and joy... and we all know what paint and inks does to your hands and nails :( ...OMG Big Girl Panties again  :)

HOWEVER, not knowing what I was doing I did start to dabble and I had some pretty terrible results and some rather pleasing results... anyway, I thought it would be nice to go and see how it is done. I am happy to say that I wasn't too far off the mark and I do think that I am way to critical of my own results.

Here is the end result of my playing with stencils, chipboard, gesso, mists and paper and glue... :D

Whilst it doesn't really look ANYTHING like the canvas that I was copying I am rather pleased with the result. Hubby is delighted with it and thinks we should hang it up.... we'll see.

Here are some close-ups...

I started off by using the brick chipboard negative space as a stencil and created a brick wall with gesso. Some of the chipboard bricks were also added and gessoed..then spritzed with mists... when I got home I thought it was too dark, too messy and to dirty looking so I washed it all off and started again, I painted the whole canvas with gesso and I used a palette knife to spread some gesso on the areas that were brick free, kind of like plastering. I also added some dry wall tape... love this because it has a sticky back. Now I was ready to try again.

I scoured the net for tutorials on making various backgrounds and in the end  I used  Helen Tilbury's video tutorial which you can find HERE to add the mists... I love that she took you through it slowly and I could see how she was doing it... some of the other tutorials are put on fast forward and you miss it all, well I do :D

I sprayed it first with Perfect Pearls - Perfect  Pearl which gave it a kind of a biscuity shimmer... then I took Lindy's Stamp Gang mists in - Buccaneer Bay Blue and misted the corners of the canvas where there was NO bricks and used a wet wipe to dab the colour in. Very subtle! Then I used the Burnt Umber with the scrunched up paper bag to apply colour to the bricks and surround... once I was happy I used the same colour and a brush to add more colour to the bricks... NOW I was happy with the result. BABY STEPS!


You can see the effect better in this close-up. Now I was ready to start putting my layout together for the top.

I used lots of layers in neutral colours, lots of flowers, bling, a flourish to two and some butterflies. All in all I am quite happy with the end result. Thank you Denise and Helen for inspiring me to get my hands dirty... 

OMG how am I going to get them clean now :P

Thanks for taking a look :D


  1. Beautiful Val...I agree with hubby, you should hang this piece of ART!

  2. So glad you are happy with the result Val. that you enjoyed the process and refined as you went along sounds very organic and free flowing. I love the two little straw coloured flowers. Who are they made by? I' have to agree withi your husband; it's deserving of wall space :)

  3. WOW! your Canvas TRULY BEAUTIFUL....

  4. First off, thanks Val for leaving me your sweet comments, means so much to me, second, I think you did such an amazing job with your first canvas! I have been seeing them more and more and I AM going to build up the courage to try one....your hubby is right, you should hang it up, it's gorgeous, lovely details, love the brick background, I love working with mists and always looking for new ways to use them so I'm off to watch Helen's video...have a great week! Hug, Lisa

  5. Ha! Val, you crack me up! That is a FABULOUS canvas and of COURSE you should hang it up. It is lovely and has a fantastic pic and you can just FEEL the love through the canvas. Why wouldn't you hang it up? You are definitely way too critical of yourself! I love it!

  6. I agree with Jessica, you should definitely hang it up. It is totally gorgeous!! Love the textured background and the muted colour combo with those little splashes of the green and orange. Absolutely stunning!! ox

  7. Your canvas turned out so beautifully Val! You really did such a great job...and don't sell yourself short, this canvas certainly has lots of Val! I love how you did the bricks...they are really gorgeous! There are so many of your lovely touches.... Beautiful photo too! And absolutely agree with hubby, hang it up!

  8. This is great...& good on you for going forward & making it 'yours'...& MAN! If your hubby likes it...than HANG's gorgeous photo & the neutral tones look really lovely:):):)

  9. Awesome job Val! So glad you had a fun time. I used to love going to classes too!! Now I have so much I want to try out based on what I see online that I love tinkering away on my own. I spot the drywall tape - awesome!! And my plastic bag technique!! Thanks so much for the mention & link - much appreciated. Was worried people would find my video too long so I'm glad that wasn't the case for you :)

  10. I cannot imagine both you and Denise in the same room! I would be in heaven! Your canvas is just gorgeous, and I love that photo!!! I went to a class last weekend--my first--and I loved it. Made two new friends who "get" what I do! ;-)

  11. That is so sweet and beautiful! FABULOUS page!

  12. really stunning page - love all the the embellies