Saturday, 21 September 2013


Hello everyone,

It is a freezing day here in Johannesburg... doesn't it know this is spring and not the middle of winter. The wind is blowing, the sky is grey and the temp has dropped right down... so it is back out with the jersey's and boots again. :(

It is also Saturday which means there is a new case file is out over at CSI and here it is...

I used this sketch from OUAS as inspiration for my layout.

and here is my take on it...

Here is how I solved the case...

Scheme     - all the colours are there (fabulous colours too)
Evidence   - Birds, triangles, polkadots, stripes, white space and fabric.
Testimony - Document a friend.

My journalling (on the back) reads:

Voula and I have been friends for 40 years J Back in the day we had to go to the school that was zoned for the area you lived in, my parents moved house in my last year of school so that meant a change for me. She was the first person I met and we soon became best friends we were inseparable - every weekend was either at her house or at mine, and we got into a lot of trouble together.  After we left school in 1973 she moved with her family back to Greece and I moved to Victoria Falls. She came back to Zimbabwe in 1977 the year I got married and because Simon was a policeman we were transferred to some little one horse town, but still we stayed in contact. Then she went back to Greece and we moved to South Africa and we lost contact for a few years but I found her again just at the time that computers and the world wide web came into being. I tracked her through the Rhodesians website and re-established contact. It was so much easier with email and skype and then facebook.
This year she retired and decided to a world tour to visit friends and family. She travelled over four months to Europe, USA, Africa , India, and Australasia and I was her last stop before returning home. I have to say I was a little nervous at having her come and stay with me for five days, 37 years is a long time and God knows I have changed a lot, but she arrived and we just picked up where we left off. We had such a good time, catching up on each others’ lives. Finishing each others’ sentences and just enjoying the time together. We went out and about and I took her to some wonderful places nearby, we had a school reunion too which was interesting to say the least and we still share many of the same interests. Photography being one of them J, twins in the family another, kids, marriage and travel. It reminded me that you may change over the years but at the heart of it all you are still the same person.

Here are some close-ups of my layout.

I painted the chipboard flouish black and stamped the little bird with black ink. I also tucked some gauze in among the flowers.

The title was also painted in black and all of the flowers and embellishments were swiped with gesso, I also doodled around all of the edges of the papers.

I have another layout to show you quickly. This was one of the layouts from the convention that was recently held here in Johannesburg. It looks NOTHING like it should have but I am very happy with how it turned out. So I apologize Theresa Collins :D

I love her papers they are all so beautiful and this one with all the glittery stuff on it (so not my style) turned out to be one of my fave layouts. What I love about this layout is that there are flaps so you can hide stuff... On the right hand side under the revealed is one and the black flap with the 16 weeks pocket is also a flap.
I decided to use this layout for my son and GF's album on their baby bump progress.  I am so glad that they are happy for me to take loads of pics....

Here are some close-ups...

Behind the 'All will be Revealed' bit is this flap... on the left hand side I have put journalling cards for Lin to record her thoughts and feelings for the first 16 weeks. I have also put her scans (where you can see both babies) for 8, 10 and 12 weeks.

Behind the 16 weeks pocket is another flap where I have put her 16 week scan and the photo I took of her on the examining table... I didn't think she would want that out for everyone to see :D

This is the front of the flap and the rest of the scan photos are inside here.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look, I appreciate the visits and the time it takes to leave a message and they always make me happy to read them.

Have a great weekend and if you are anywhere in SA - stay warm. 



  1. What a beautiful story of friendship Val and I love your layout. The second layout is very precious with the progress of your grandchild, what a wonderful keepsake.
    Love your quote of the day, so very true

  2. Wow they are both awesome. I love all the "secret" bits on the second layout what a fabulous way to record this! Tx

  3. Oh, Val the baby scan double is made with such LOVE...& ur top's sooooo true- some friends you can not see for years & just pick up where you left off:):) those colours are DELISH.... Love your gorgeous clean lines on both:):)

  4. My gosh Val, these layouts are so heartwarming. Love the 'friend' story of the first page. So true that with real friends time away from each other makes no difference. Your second layout is so precious and I love the little secret hide-aways you've created on it. Both of these are absolutely, totally beautiful, visualy and emotionally!! oxox

  5. Loving all the flaps with hidden info. Great LO and photos too.

  6. Love both the layouts.. must say I prefer your version of the page to TC's.. Have been racking my brain trying to find a nice long photo for that page.. think it looks better with the JUMBO. Thanks for the inspiration ! You rock !

  7. Your friendship page is styled to beautifully...I love your take on the OUAS. The black adds flair and style and draws it all together...Love the hearwarming story of your connection with your friend....I understand, because I have a friend like that's something about the shared history which sustains it, even through long breaks apart.
    The page of the ultrasound is gorgeous too...seeing those little images which will evolve into precious Grand children is sooo special...I love the hidden part which allows discretion. You are blessed to be included in the process and have the photos of the growing tummy....How exciting :) :) :)

  8. So incredible how the web can put you back in contact with those you have lost touch with. I think that's the most beautiful thing about it - rekindling connections! Stunning layout, as usual, Val. Of course I scrolled down and squealed at the ultrasound photos of the twinnies too! Ahhhh! You must be beside yourself with excitement! :-D

  9. Gorgeous layouts Val! Really love the one for CSI and the story about your friendship with Voula! It is not often that you have such a lasting and special friendship! Kudo's to you for finishing your Teresa Collins layout too!
    Love the baby shots...aren't those amazing! It's so great that you are able to be a part of their journey! These are going to be such lucky and loved baba's!

  10. Two wonderful layouts, Val, and both very emotional! I had a "K Moment" while reading your journaling about Voula! What a great experience for you both! The second took me back to the time I was pregnant with my daughter. It was one of the best times in my life. Thanks for sharing both of these!

  11. Goodness these are gorgeous and I missed them both!! I'm sorry!!! I am trying my best to keep up with everything but commenting is falling by the wayside since I made the LSG team, which is very demanding! These are both amazing pages! All your detail, flap, etc in the 2nd one are very special touches!