Saturday, 14 September 2013


Hello Everyone

I have a new layout for you today... With the new case file from CSI and this is this weeks case...

Beautiful soft colours this week and because it is the second week of the month there is also a lovely sketch by Em Starface...

I really love her layouts she is one talented lady...

and... Here is my take on the sketch.

Scheme - the colours are all there (even though the green and the yellow look very similar in this photo)
Evidence - Animal accents, stripes, brackets (on the back), two alphabets, triangles.
Testimony - Journalling in brackets.

My journalling (on the back) reads:

You are beautiful and I think that you should have the right to live a long and free life in your own natural habitat, to have access to food and water and to be able to reproduce free from the fear of being hunted. It pains me to think that because of mans stupidity, greed and vanity that you may become extinct and that future generations will never have the opportunity to see your exquisite grace and beauty.
I hate hunting of any sort other than for food, I hate to see photos of these beautiful animals being held up by the hunters like some kind of trophy, just to boost their egos and because of hunting their numbers are dwindling and these cubs were being raised at Zebula until they were big enough to be shipped back to a protected wildlife sanctuary in India to try and boost the numbers again. ‘Hunting is not a sport.  In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game.’  Paul Rodriguez
The only way any wildlife should be shot is with a camera. The quote on the front of this layout is true of most wild animals... when a man kills something he calls it sport, but when he is killed by a wild animal he calls it ferocity and invariably the poor animal is put down. How is this fair? I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful animal ever, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get so close and to be able to take these photos.

Here are a couple of close-ups...

I changed the sketch a little and put a quote under the title...the stripey chevrons are washi tape that has this on one half and the other half has photo notes on it... 

I also dropped the photo on this side of the sketch to lower down.. just felt a better fit for me.


There is a little tag up at the top here that says something to the effect that no-one was injured in the shooting of these pics... just appealed to me. I also dripped some teal mist by Heidi Swapp.

Thanks for taking a look and I appreciate the comments that you leave me. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Love this Val, your photos are perfect for the sketch and the challenge. I share your concern about the destruction of innocent wild life in the name of sport. Seems to me to shine a light on the inadequacies of the shooter more than anything else. Bravo for making a passionate statement about what you believe in and creating this beautiful page :)

  2. such a sensational creation, love the pics x

  3. What a wonderful job you did with this case! I just love everything about your LO from the colors to the subject! Even the tiger cooperated with the color scheme ;-)!

  4. I've been hopping about seeing the FABULOUS job you CSI DT lot have been doing with this sketch & colours & now I'm depresses. Mine is sitting staring at me belligerently....NOT playing 'the game' at all!!!!! Anyways, I love yours & I think you've made the sketch even better [if possible!] & that washi is yum......better go SLAP some paper about & into shape:):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh I just love this! Those photos are being a animal lover .....this page has made me go all gooey! LOL I often watch shows TV about wildlife and I get very depressed when they show poachers killing I very strongly agree with everything you say!

  6. Oh, Val, this is total magic. From the gorgeous photos to the fab interpretation of the sketch to the very emotive journalling. Love it!! I agree that all animals, whether on land or in the sea, have as much right to live as we do. There is absolutely no 'sport' in killing them for so called fun! It's a crying shame that not everyone feels this way. ox

  7. Such a great page Val...and those photo's are just amazing! Such a beautiful creature and love the various shots! You are so right, the only shots, should be camera shots!!!!!! How anyone can harm these creatures, is beyond me!
    Love the clean lines and the drips of teal! ;-)

  8. You've actually taken these photos yourself?! They are wonderful!! love the palette to bits but alas, no time to play. Don't get it either, how anyone can kill just for the fun of it goes beyond me. This is such a lovely page Val! love that brill quote too! Thanks a bunch for all the sweet love! xoxo

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments on my two latest pages, I really appreciate your visits. I too hate hunting for the sake of hunting, especially when it is a beautiful creature like this. I check CSI every week, but some how am too busy to participate. A week goes by so fast in my world.

  10. Great job on that beautiful palette and such a worthwhile theme. In Singapore we saw a white tiger which was completely amazing!!

  11. Stunning layout and stunning creature! I am so with you...hunting for sport sickens me. That quote hits the nail on the head. How can anyone ever feel good about ending the life of any animal? Doesn't make sense...