Monday, 14 October 2013


Hello Everyone

It's another Monday :D and I have another challenge from CSI to share with you... this time it is the second challenge in conjunction with Scrap365 and here is the case file.

I knew when I saw the testimony section of this one that I wanted to do something completely different and have some fun with this one. Here is my layout.

Here is how I solved the case...

Scheme - the colours are all there
Evidence - Circles, bookpages, tearing, hearts, buttons and needlework.
Testimony - Begin with 'Once Upon a Time'

The quote around the yellow circle says - Never ever ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.

The journalling (one the back) reads:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a big house with her handsome husband and two perfect children, who harboured thoughts of crossing to the DARK side. The seed for these thoughts were planted when she was introduced to the series Sons of Anarchy and laid eyes on Jax Teller with his bad boy attitude and his little boy charm. This way of live was completely opposite to anything she had ever experienced or imagined. She thought about what it would be like to sit in the saddle with her arms around Jax Teller, on the wide open road, with the wind playing in her hair. The thrill of the sound of that deep throaty engine, the sleek lines of the gleaming bikes and surrounded by leather and tattoos, of living life on the edge, not knowing what would happen next but sure that whatever it was that she had Jax and a whole posse behind her. Until she realised that some of their actions might land her in jail then shocked she looked around her beautiful, big, castle and at her stable, and at her sensible husband and her kind and caring children and she knew she would just dream about it for one hour a week but that she would never want to change her life. Not even for Jax Teller :D

Here are some close ups... There was nothing 'normal' about this layout for me. I just had fun with all of it and that fun for me was a bit stressful. First of all I found this photo with Jax in it but he wasn't alone so I cropped the photo to a square and then edited it to make it more grungy and I love the effect of it..

Next I cute postage stamps in two different sized of papers that were the colours I needed. I adhered these along the one side of the paper in a kind of random fashion. I got this idea from Nadia Cannizzo on this journal art page that she did a couple of weeks ago. Once I had adhered all the bits of paper I covered the whole lot with a layer of  thin gesso and dried it off, then the different squares were coloured with watercolour paint in the colours of the case file... I love how it came out - what I don't love is how it warps the paper and that makes it harder to work on. I have found that it you stick it to a thicker piece of board it does straighten it out a lot. I then made the circles with a toilet roll and a plastic tube and then doodled around the smaller ones as well. I cute the heart and wings using a template of Tim Holtz and also some of his grunge board and I then put it through my cutllebug to get the texture and then painted them... I love these.

The JT are Tim Holtz letters that I just painted. I added the washi arrows pointing towards the photo and added builders tape and tags.

The button were sewn on and the quote written around the yellow tag. I am not unhappy with the way this turned out I am just not sure I am into the whole mega mixed media thing. :D I do think that sometimes it is good to do something that is completely out of your comfort zone :D

Thanks for stopping by to take a look. I love your visits and I appreciate every single one of your comments.


  1. Lol!!! Yummy! Both for the image and your page! Love how your postage stamps came out Val...And I know, I also battle like crazy with the warping of my papers, it does seem to help a little if I back it onto card stock before I start slapping it with wet medium...but only a little though!

  2. Oh Val, you're a Jax gal ;) Did you hear he dropped out of 50 Shades? I love this layout! It's fun and light. Sometimes that is so very perfect :)


  3. Oh yes!! Keep getting your grunge on Val! I told you how to keep it flat in the video remember :)? Start with the watercolour paper & always brayer onto a sheet of paper to flatten it out when finished! Don't back onto cardstock until you are done. At the end not the beginning. Mine are almost 100% unwarped this way...

  4. Heehee! What FUN.....& I love the red in the big heart....& CONGRATS on the Scrap Africa gig......& I had a giggle at your comment over at mine & YES, it's a real pain when you get a good comment down & it disappears:):))!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good for you Val...letting go and getting into the messines of art/grunge with a stunning result. I must confess to having never heard of this bloke, so had to do a quick Google to find out what I've been missing. I love the stamps covered withe gesso and the heart/wing embellie. The quote is perfect for a girl who wants to dabble on the wild side :)

  6. Nice one those stamps and the pop of red and yellow! And congrats for making the team at Scrap Africa.....well deserved!

  7. LOL....I had such a giggle when I read your journalling....! Gorgeous page and love the mixed media...think you did a superb job! Great styling and love the details! ;-)

  8. This is amazing, and the back ground is fabulous.. I loved reading your journalling, sigh... we all would love to escape for a while in fantasy land so I could relate!!

  9. I love your "wild" journalling. Thank you for sharing your "secret" life with us. Love the journalling and I love that you climbed out of your comfort zone and got your hands messy. I must be totally honest and say that I am filled with fear and trepidation every time I open a bottle of mist. 9 out of 10 times I tear up the result.

  10. This is brilliant! I love the grungy photo and the journaling is hysterical! The textured hearts are wonderful & the effect of the Gessoed stamps is fabulous! So how did you cut out those stamps? Didi you use a punch or your die-cutting machine? I've been looking for a stamp punch for ages & have never found one.

    I love mixed media, but the jury is out on whether or not I enjoy using it in my scrapbooking. I do love the results, but also get frustrated with the warping. I have found some 12x12 heavy textured card stock that holds up better & I'm contemplating buying a pad of heavy watercolor paper & trimming sheets to 12x12 for the next time I try Gesso or paint on my scrapbook pages. You did an amazing job with this, Val! xox

  11. You are so creative! I love this color combination as well as all your textures. Your journaling, again, cracks me up! I so enjoy your posts.

  12. Love the journaling, Val, as it allowed me a moment or two of freedom, too. But, like you, I wouldn't change my life today for anything or anyone! This is a great color combo, and (while not always) am very aware of your layering today. I really like this fun piece!

  13. I love it!!! Totally brilliant!! Love the background, love the photo, (Yum!!) love the journalling. Even though you felt out of your comfort zone you did it like a pro!! Ummmm ... professional artist that is!!!! A gorgeous, bright, fun page Val!! Love it!! ox

  14. Love it Val & yes it is such a FUN layout. Fabulous. Cheers Di xo

  15. Alrighty, this is so fun! Love the journaling and such a great page!